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Cost-Effective, Flexible & Integrated Microsoft Azure Solutions and Management

Cloud adoption among businesses and organisations is increasing dramatically and is becoming the norm. With IT solutions and innovation moving at fast pace, it can be increasingly expensive and difficult to keep up with the latest technologies which can often bring great benefits.

Microsoft Azure enables you to keep your competitive edge without increasing your IT budget. It provides a flexible platform to host your business processes, allowing you to instantly bring services online and scale them. It can be more cost-effective, paying only for what you need and use rather than for what you don’t with a traditional hardware purchase, meaning you can free up your budget for other business needs.

  • Scalable
    With Microsoft Azure you only pay for exactly what you use. It’s highly adaptable and scalable to your needs, allowing you to increase, space, memory or computing power at the click of a button from a simple to use interface.
  • Cost-effective
    An on-premises infrastructure model can be expensive and unpredictable, moving towards a reliable cloud model with a dependable operational payment structure can mark considerable cost savings. Reduce the probability of on-premises systems failure by utilising an Azure cloud solution, let Microsoft take care of the data centre.
  • Secure
    Storing your data in the cloud with Azure means it’s stored within a Microsoft datacentre, which are protected by leading edge in security and data encryption technologies and personnel. Microsoft was the first cloud provider to adopt ISO 27018, the cloud privacy standard.

Get More Done With Microsoft Azure Services

Azure Ready-to-run infrastructure

Microsoft Azure enables you to quickly and securely provision Virtual Machines (VMs), allowing you to respond to growth and business needs. Without maintaining on-premises hardware.

IT team support

Azure Secure Cloud Backup

Ensure your data is secure and easily retrievable with Microsoft Azure cloud backups. It’s simple, secure and cost-effective solution.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Azure Database Development

Leverage the power of Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud. Easy to manage and maintain with a Microsoft near-zero maintenance, backup and recovery SLA.

Managed IT Support

Azure Active Directory Identity Management

Enable secure access to on-premises and cloud applications and services with a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution.

IT team support

Centralised Virtual Networks

Allow collaboration across your organisations offices and regional branches with a single virtual cloud network.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Azure Disaster Recovery (DR)

Eliminate or reduce site downtime with simple, automated protection and disaster recovery in Azure cloud.

Why Nexus for Microsoft Azure Services?

As a Microsoft Cloud Services provider and partner, we have extensive experience in helping organisations with cloud solutions and managing customer cloud environments. Our cloud team has expert knowledge managing the end-to-end customer lifecycle for all Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

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