Microsoft Power Platform

To help you focus on running your business, we can create powerful apps and business automation that streamline your workday and increase your efficiency.

Build, customise and extend all the apps you need with the Microsoft Power Platform.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

There are four key components of Microsoft Power Platform:

Power Apps - application development

Power BI - business analytics

Power Automate - process automation

Power Virtual Agents - intelligent virtual agents

Power Platform is part of the Office 365 suite. It enables you to build apps to work with your line of business (LOB) systems, build powerful reports and dashboards, workflows and bots.


Power Apps

Power Apps allows you to build applications that are bespoke to your company needs and can be quickly deployed to users. They can be used to centralise data input and remove existing paper-based systems, freeing you up for more important things.

Some examples of Power Apps we have built are:

Delivery Tracking 

We actually created this one for ourselves. Used to track the time, date and location of a delivery, along with who delivered it and who it was left with (it also captures and saves photos of the delivery). The app also integrates with our support ticket system to get a list of tickets, writing a comment on the ticket when a delivery has been completed.

Payment Request System

Built for a law firm, this system allows staff to request payments to be made from the accounts department. There is an associated Power Automate flow that follows a business process for each new request.

Initial Care Needs Form

This application that we created for a care provider took a previously paper-based system and made it entirely digital. The system enables care staff to assess new customers. Once all the sections are filled out, the client can enter a signature digitally and then the system prepares a PDF file with all the information to be stored in their main Line of Business application.

Trademarks and Contracts Monitoring

This app is used to simply store various contracts and trademarks, then monitor the expiry date to alert when an item is due to expire. This ensures all documents are stored in the same place and it means no one must be relied upon to remember to renew an expiring trademark or contract as there is a Power Automate Flow to look after it automatically.

Power Automate

Previously called Microsoft Flow, Power Automate is a low/no-code system that is used to create workflows to save time or remove tedious, repetitive tasks. It can also utilise AI capabilities – automating the fiddly, time-consuming tasks and making a huge impact on your efficiency level.

Power BI

Power BI allows you to connect to a large variety of data sources and visualise the data to provide self-service, enterprise level, business intelligence charts and other visualisations. In short, Power BI gives you the confidence to make better, more data-driven decisions.

Power Virtual Agents

This system allows customers to create their own chat-bots without the need for code or AI experience. This bot can then be published to a variety of places such as your website, Facebook, Teams, Skype, Slack and funnel a copy of the enquiries through to single or multiple places in your business. This system can even look at your website and use AI to work out what the answer to questions are, further reducing demands on staffing.


Why we think Microsoft Power Platform is great for your business:

  • The program already exists in the Office 365 suite, so you don’t need to install anything or set anything up – it’s all ready to go
  • If you’re using Office 365 already, then you already have Microsoft Power Platform – you’re just not using it. Some features require premium licenses but a lot of the features are included in all Office 365 licenses, under your one login
  • Once the systems have been set up and developed, there’s no maintenance or further costs
  • It will make a big difference to the way you work and your efficiency and productivity levels. You won’t know how you got by without it before!

Would you like to find out more about the Microsoft Power Platform or Power Apps? Get in touch with us for a free consultation with a Microsoft Power Apps developer about your requirements and to find out more about how Microsoft Power Platform can streamline your business. Contact us for an initial chat.