Microsoft Cloud CSP Services

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We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner.

We’re also a Tier One (i.e. direct) reseller for products in Microsoft’s ‘Cloud Solution Provider’ (CSP) programme. Challenge us to beat rival quotes.

Microsoft have invested hugely in the security of their products. Get us to explain how.

Microsoft Cloud Services

In 2022, Microsoft are moving Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customers to the ‘new commerce experience’, with some important pros and cons.

Microsoft 365

The modern home of Outlook, Word, Excel, Microsoft Teams and much more. Microsoft 365 links your files and communication with the Microsoft cloud. Store files online, co-work on documents, and collaborate from anywhere.

We can advise which subscription will work best for you. Read more.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the catch-all name for a huge number of Microsoft’s cloud-computing offerings.

Servers or their workloads can be moved from your office to Azure. Active directory, app, file and web hosting are classic examples.

Azure also has services for AI, analytics, communications and much more. Read more on our Azure IT Solutions.


Quietly brilliant, SharePoint replaces your old storage drives and provides a better way to manage your files.

It’s also great for holding
business information in pages and smart lists. An intranet, but one that lets you manage your processes in great new ways.
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