Flexible support

Flexible Retainer For IT Tasks

Whether you’ve got an IT department or not, you’re likely to need an extra IT engineer from time to time for upgrades, migrations, problem solving, projects, and holiday cover.

With a flexible retainer contract from Nexus, you’ve got our whole base of skilled engineers on tap.

How Does It Work?

  1. You make a deposit into your retainer account.
  2. Call or email when you need some work doing. We’ll raise a ticket.
  3. We use the rate card to deduct a sum from your retainer account when the work is done.

The rate card has different hourly rates for different skill sets we offer.

♦ Mix of different work and skills needed? No problem.

♦ Just a short bit of help needed? That’s fine.

♦ Not sure what help you might need, or when? That’s exactly what the retainer is for.


Each time you top-up a block of credit, it lasts two years. You can save today’s surplus budget for future use. Your investment is also effectively ring-fenced for IT support.

We also have options for monthly top-ups which we offer standalone or to complement other support contracts. Very few tasks are out-of-scope for a retainer contract.

Typical Applications

  • Ad-hoc top-up for in-house IT capability
  • Short projects
  • Standby and holiday cover, to keep systems up

Experience – On Demand

All our professional engineers can be accessed via a Nexus retainer contract. The staff you’ll meet will be the same ones who drive our service desk and projects teams.

There’s no need to go through an estimation and quoting process – with a retainer, we’re ready already.

Most of the time, we attend to your request as soon as we reasonably can, during working hours. If you want to plan work for out-of-hours, or jump the queue for a guaranteed faster response, we’ll apply a simple and clear multiplier to the standard rate.


Of course. Contact our sales team and we’ll get you a copy.

Sorry, no. We have alternative provision for this, as we have overheads to keep our engineers on standby. Contact us.

We can give you a portal login, or you can ask your account manager.

We can give you a portal login to see reports, or you can ask your account manager.

We can set up a separate retainer contract for as many times as you have separate budgets.

Your retainer credit is purchased in blocks, which are consumed on a first-in, first-out basis. You need to consume each block within 2 years, so you have plenty of time to call off our help. For continuous availability, top up before the last credit is consumed.