Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning as Standard

Whereas other IT companies will charge extra for what is seen to be a specialist skill, all of our clients with an active managed service support contract will now benefit from this new feature at no additional charge.

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scans are a vital layer of an organisation’s defence against criminals and hackers attempting to compromise their systems.

A system that is considered secure one month ago may be considered highly insecure the next, when a new weakness is discovered. There is an increasingly rapid cat-and-mouse game as new weaknesses are discovered and then patched.

We will regularly identify any weaknesses and mitigate them, reducing the risk of being compromised and safeguarding our clients’ vital information.

Providing this additional service gives added assurance to our clients that we continue to be their IT partner and will always have the best interests of their organisation at heart as we adapt and evolve our services to reflect the challenges businesses face.

Stuart Wilson, Managing Director

Detect and Act

The vulnerability scanning service utilises a solution trusted by over 30,000 organisations worldwide, using its database of over 59,000 vulnerabilities. Each scan will be checked by our support team, with time available to carry out remedial work on any critical risks. Following the scan, the scanner automatically raises works tickets for senior engineers and consultants to review and remediate.

The solution is hosted within Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform in which we have a high level of technical capability in delivering consultancy, remediation and support.

Voice of Experience

We asked one of our in-house security specialists about the kind of things we discover in the vulnerability scans.

Cyber attackers will focus their efforts on infiltrating an internal network using any software or hardware which is public facing. Examples of these are firewalls, phone systems, CCTV cameras or portals, web applications or remote desktop services.

Julian Dean, Service Delivery Technician

You can read more about Julian’s discoveries and experience in his blog post What We Found on Vulnerability Scans

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