Nexus Managed SOC

Managed Security Operations Centre

Safeguard your business with our managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). Investing in this service ensures continuous monitoring, rapid threat detection, and expert response, providing businesses with robust protection against evolving cyber risks without the need for an in-house security team.

What’s Covered?

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Endpoint Security

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Network Security

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Cloud Security

Proactive 24/7 Monitoring

Monitor, search, alert and report on the 3 attack pillars: network, cloud and endpoint log data spanning:

  • Windows, macOS & Linux security events
  • Firewall & network device events
  • Office 365 & Azure AD cloud events

Threat Intelligence & Hunting

We monitor threat intelligence in real-time by connecting with premium intelligence-fed partners, providing you with the most extensive global collection of threat indicators.

Our SOC analysts use intelligence telemetry to actively track down malicious individuals.

Breach Detection

Detect adversaries that evade traditional cyber defences such as firewalls and AV.

Identifies attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and aligns with MITRE ATT&CK, producing a forensic timeline of chronological events to deter the intruder before a breach occurs.

Intrusion Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of malicious and suspicious activity, identifying indicators such as:

  • connections to terrorist nations
  • unauthorised TCP/UDP services
  • backdoor connections to command-and-control servers

Investigation and Remediation

We investigate all incidents that appear suspicious. We’ll also suggest and advise on remediation measures to contain the threat, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

SIEM-less log monitoring

Monitor, search, alert and report on endpoint, network and cloud threat vectors, including key log data from Windows and MacOS, firewalls, networked devices, Microsoft 365 & Azure AD – all without requiring a SIEM or SIEM hardware.

Elevate your Cyber Protection Game with our Managed SOC

The growing threat of a cyber-attack on your business is a daunting thought. Combine this with all of the different applications, systems, and setups you’re operating with, keeping sight of potential attacks is a complex task in today’s world.

With the Nexus Managed SOC and SIEM solution, you can get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that trained and experienced cyber security experts are working in the background 24/7 to detect and respond to threats quickly, reporting back to you after the incident has been handled.

You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that, should a threat be detected, immediate action will follow. Whether this is simply alerting you to the issue, or isolating the device it is found on, the threat will be handled by a team of experienced experts.

Our managed SOC experts are trained to find and stop bad actors who have entered endpoints and networks, and deal with those threats. This involves more than just dealing with things like viruses, ransomware, attacks that overload services (DDOS), and tricking people into giving away information (phishing). Managed SOC professionals spot activities that may seem normal but could seriously harm a business if they’re not stopped.

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