Data Breach Rescue and Recovery

Cyber attacks should be reported via the Action Fraud website.

Call us next and let’s have a serious conversation about how we can get you back on your feet. Sadly, you aren’t the first organisation we’ve helped, and won’t be the last.

Emergency Response

There are some immediate priorities that need addressing urgently.

  • What data has been compromised? Where has it gone? (Confidentiality impact.)
  • What things are no longer available. (Business impact.)
  • What needs urgent patching-up to stop further data loss?
  • What do we need to start working on straight away to restore essential operations as soon as possible?

Depending upon the needs of your business, we can set up you up with forensic IT investigators.

You may also wish to engage your legal, PR, HR and insurance people.

Restoring Normality

After the initial rush, there’s usually another phase where less urgent issues are sorted out:

  • Restoring or rebuilding less critical servers and systems
  • Permanent replacements for temporary stop-gaps

Future Defence

As well as reporting on what happened and why, we’ll work with you to stop it happening again. This may include:

1) Staff Education                        

2) Reconfiguring perimeter security such as firewalls

3) Examining remote-working practices

4) Reviewing the security and breach-detection in your Microsoft 365 set-up

5) Recommending and implement a suitable data back-up solution

6) Developing and implementing a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy

7) Arranging independent penetration testing