Dark Web Monitoring

It’s estimated that over 50 percent of sites on the dark web today are used for illegal activities. This includes the sale of compromised digital credentials. It’s common for business and organisations to have had their credentials compromised and disclosed or sold on the dark web without any knowledge. Your data is at risk.

Digital credentials including usernames and passwords connect your employees to critical business systems and applications, along with other online services. Compromised credentials are amongst the most valuable assets found on the dark web.

Why Dark Web Monitoring is Important for Your Business and Your Customers

1. Compromised credentials can be used to conduct further criminal activity, such as data breaches of corporate information, as well as identity theft of employees.

2. Users often have the same password for multiple services, network logon, social media, online stores and other services. This increases the potential damage from a single compromised username and password.

3. You currently have very limited visibility into when your credentials are compromised.

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What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is the web content that exists on darknets and overlay networks that use the internet but require special software, configurations or authorisation to access. It forms a small part of the deep web, a part of the web not indexed by surface search engines.

The dark web consists of websites and digital communities. There are legitimate purposes and uses for the dark web, but unfortunately it’s estimated that over 50% of all dark web sites are used to conduct criminal activity.

How Dark Web monitoring can help Protect Your Business and users

1. Our dark web Monitoring services includes multiple services including Tor, I2P and Freenet, to search for compromised credentials, without requiring you to connect any of your software or hardware to these high-risk services directly

2. Our proactive solution provides real-time awareness of compromised credentials giving you time to act before identity theft or data breaches occur.

3. It delivers the same advanced monitoring abilities used by FT 500 companies to companies of any size.

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