What we do

Backup & Security


We probably don’t need to remind you that your business relies on its IT and its business data in order to operate.

You probably already know that a data breach would have serious consequence for you.

Let’s be positive – we can help you mitigate these risks.


Doing what it says on the tin, this scheme checks the essentials of your organisation’s cyber security. The government set it up as a minimum baseline for anyone who was going to deal with them.

This is an accreditation with a credible badge you can add to your website. Find out more.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

We have tools and systems that can keep safety copies of your data or servers.

Recover quickly from accidental file deletion, malicious breaches, or disasters like fire.

Read more or discuss your needs.

Data Breach now?

If it’s already gone wrong, read our advice on what to do and how we can help.

We’ve analysed, reported and recovered sites from various attacks.

Security Software

We’re agents for the re-sale and installation of Webroot security software. Protect your users from multiple forms of attack and from inappropriate or malicious websites.

Dark Web Monitoring

The ‘dark web’ is a place favoured for criminal activity. It doesn’t show up on your normal Google search, but your stolen logins and passwords are traded here. We can monitor and alert you.