Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup without DR on Standby

This service is very similar to our business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) version, but without the disaster recovery (DR) environment on standby for you.

You still benefit from tiers of local and cloud backup, insulating your business data from mistakes, failures and malice.

Nexus Cloud Connect Cloud (NCC) Backup – Strong Protection for Your Business Data.

Our Cloud Backup Services are a business continuity solution that helps safeguard your business from cyber criminals using malware, human error, fire/flood/theft and malicious employee activity. With Nexus defending your business, you are guaranteed access to your data in the cloud. Immediately access your backups for fast restoration of individual files or servers.

  • Complete backups taken every 5 minutes
  • Infinite retention of cloud backups
  • Complete automated end-to-end solution
  • Fully automated – no tapes or disks to take offsite

Efficient Data Backup and Restoration

Backups are created on a local Nexus Cloud Connect (NCC) device (as often as every five minutes), replicating these to our secure cloud. You can recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time, or use local virtualisation to get you back to business in minutes.

Simultaneous Local Backup and Cloud Backup

Tier 1 Backup: On-Premise Your first port of call: recovery from backup using your on-premise NCC backup appliance.
Tier 2 Backup: Nexus Cloud Your on-premise data is replicated in turn to the Nexus cloud. If an incident also affects your on-premise backups, the Nexus cloud copy will still be intact. It is immutable (immune from being altered).

Your on-premise NCC server can give you access to individual files for restoration.

You can go back in time through the historical backups.


If one of your production servers fails, you can virtualise a recent backup copy of it using your on-premise NCC server.

Business can continue.


Pull a file from our Nexus cloud.

You can go back in time through the historical backups.


Download a server image and restore onto new hardware.

This option can help you recover from a total loss of your on-premise servers.

Winner; Most Innovative Managed Service Solution

Our dedicated team strives to deliver innovative market leading managed services. We developed our award-winning backup and recovery solution NCC to meet the needs of modern businesses.

  • Local virtualisation in the cloud within seconds
  • One simple fixed monthly cost
  • No upfront investment
  • Upgrade only when your business grows

Cloud Backup vs BCDR

This service is similar to our ‘BCDR’ (business continuity and disaster recovery) version of Nexus Cloud Connect Backup.

The difference is that this cloud backup variant doesn’t include automated failover with instant business continuity servers you can access from our cloud.

You still get local and cloud backups of your data, fast data restores, defence from malicious deletion, and so on.

Veeam Accredited Service Partner

Nexus Cloud Connect backup runs in a resilient data centre on Veeam’s cutting-edge backup software.

There are only a small elite of Veeam Accredited Service Partners (VASPs) in the UK, optimally qualified to provide Veeam consultancy and services.

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