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Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems and Solutions

Organisations are increasingly adopting Unified Communications (UC) strategies. These enable your employees to be more productive through effective communications and advanced collaboration. They integrate real-time communications services such as instant messaging, voice and video conferencing and presence information with non-real-time communications such as email and voicemail in a seamless, intuitive user experience.

Save time with presence information

When utilising UC for internal communications, presence is a key catalyst. It allows your employees to see the free/busy/away status of co-workers in real time, reducing wasted time and allowing employees to choose the most efficient form of communication for the task. Presence information is displayed consistently across different applications.

Advanced Telephony

UC solutions offer a range of advanced telephony functions including short number dialling, call forwarding, multiple device rings, single numbers for multiple devices, unified voicemail box, cheaper calls, simplified billing and presence.

Reduced and Predictable Costs

Replacing an existing system, comprising of numerous products, with a single solution, can have significant long-term cost savings. You can lower your hardware, landline, mobile and conferencing costs. You can help reduce your energy and travel bills, too, by enabling staff to work remotely and off-site.


Remove your dependency on office-based working and communication. Enable employees to create an office environment anywhere, giving them full access to their tools through a multitude of devices including smartphones, PCs, laptops and tablets.


With all communications being sent as digital data, you can encrypt information being sent across the network.

Simplified and Flexible Infrastructure

A single server and interface for all your communications reduces and simplifies the management and maintenance.

How Can Nexus Help You
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Instant Messaging & Presence

Instant Messaging & Presence

Phone Systems

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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

HD Video Calling

HD Video Calling

Screen, Application & File Sharing

Screen, Application & File Sharing

Why Choose Nexus for Unified Communications?

We’ve been specialising in helping organisations to plan and deploy Unified Communications solutions from Microsoft for over ten years. Our certified Microsoft Teams engineers have a proven track record of delivering communication and collaboration platforms to a wide range of organisations across the UK. We tailor each project to fit your needs with extensive planning and exploration and best practice to make sure the benefits to you are maximised.

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