Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced.

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1 Days


Course Overview


Microsoft PowerPoint provides a wealth of tools to help you deliver content in almost any situation. By taking advantage of the tools that PowerPoint has to offer you will be able to create presentations that not only stand out from the crowd, but also don’t take up all of your time to create.
By the end of the course you will be able to organise your content, create presentations quickly and with minimum fuss, enhance them with high impact visuals, and deliver dynamic presentations.

Target Audience

An existing Microsoft PowerPoint user, who is familiar with the basics of creating a presentation, and is able to convey information effectively in a simple way.

This course is suitable for anyone using PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or 365. If you’re attending at a Nexus location, the course will be delivered on PowerPoint 2016.


Course Outline

Module 1: Reusing and managing content

Module 2: Graphics and objects

Module 3: Multimedia and interactive elements

Module 4: Formatting a presentation

Module 5: Transitions and animation

Module 6: Delivering a presentation

Appendices (covered if relevant and time permits)


Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the Nexus Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Dates & Prices

Thursday 16th September 2021


Friday 15th October 2021


Friday 15th October 2021


Thursday 11th November 2021


Monday 22nd November 2021


Monday 24th January 2022