Stepping up to Management.

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Professional Development

3 Days


Course Overview


Congratulations on your new role!

Understandably you want to hit the ground running but may feel unsure how to do a really great job. Many people in your situation feel the same way.

Common concerns we hear include:

Management positions often come with little guidance.

This highly interactive workshop uses tried and tested approaches to give managers the essential skills they need.

We want to help you make your new role a success.

Target audience:

This course is aimed at those aspiring or new to a supervisory or first line management role. Managers who have been in post for up to 12 months but have had no formal training will also benefit.


Course Outline

•Leadership versus management
•Stages of team development
•Team roles
•Building trust
•Styles of leadership
•How people learn
•The manager's role in learning
•What motivates people
•Goal and objective setting
•Delivering effective feedback
•The transition curve
•Two in-depth case studies to test learning


Delegates will be required to complete a mandatory online Belbin® assessment and to capture their thoughts on being a manager prior to attending the workshop.

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Tuesday 14th September 2021


Monday 11th October 2021


Tuesday 19th October 2021


Monday 22nd November 2021


Wednesday 12th January 2022


Tuesday 1st February 2022


Tuesday 1st March 2022