Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Center Express.

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5 Days


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This course provides you with hands-on experience and knowledge of tasks typically performed during contact center deployment. This includes the deployment of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR) as contact center solutions. Tasks include planning, installation, and configuration, scripting, and troubleshooting

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Course Outline

1: Cisco Unified CCX Product Overview

Cisco Unified CCX Architecture ? The Cisco Unified CCX Environment

Designing Cisco Unified CCX ? Design Considerations and Terminology

2: Cisco Unified CCX Installation and Configuration

Managing Cisco Unified CCX ? Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration

Configuring Basic Properties of Cisco Unified CCX ? Call Flow Terms Defined

3: Cisco Unified CCX Scripting

Creating a Basic IVR Script ? Starting a New Script

Prompting and Collecting Information ? Common Prompt and Collect steps

Accessing an External Database ? Database Access Overview

Making Decisions ? Steps used to create a loop

Confirming Caller Input ? Creating Generated Prompts

4: Cisco Unified CCX ACD Operations

Scripting Fundamentals for Cisco Unified CCX ? Basic Cisco Unified CCX Script Design

Using Desktop Administration ? Cisco Desktop Administration Overview and Installation

Advanced Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Scripting Topics ? Day of Week, Time of Day, and Holiday Routing

Using Cisco Unified CCX Reports ? Cisco Unified CCX Reporting Options

5: Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Premium Functions

Configuring the Outbound Dialer ? Outbound Dialer Overview

Configuring Agent Email and Agent Web Chat ? Agent Email

Understanding ASR and TTS ? MRCP ASR and TTS Overview

6: Cisco Unified CCX Maintenance

Using the Disaster Recovery System ? DRS Overview


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Monday 18th October 2021


Monday 18th October 2021


Monday 18th October 2021