CCNA Certification Bridge.

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Fast Track


3 Days


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This three day course is aimed at delegates who have previously attended Nexus' Five day 'Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions' course and require further instructor lead preparation for the CCNA exam. This course, through a combination of lectures and labs exercises, addresses the CCNA exam syllabus topics that are not covered in the five day course.

Delegates who have attended the five day 'Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions' course will be aware that Cisco expect a further three days of self study to fully prepare the delegates for the CCNA exam. This three day course brings that self study into the classroom so that the learner can enjoy access to a Cisco subject matter expert and participate in practical labs in order to cover the additional topics required for the exam that are not covered in the five day course.

Course Outline

Topic: Building Redundant Switched Technologies
Topic: Exploring Layer 3 Redundancy
Topic: Introducing WAN Technologies
Topic: Explaining Wireless Fundamentals


This course is only available for delegates who have previously sat Nexus' Five day 'Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions'. Delegates who have not attended this course and require preparation for the CCNA exam should consider attending the five day course or should attend Nexus' eight day 'Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions Extended' course which addresses, in class, the full CCNA syllabus.

Attending delegates for this course will be expected to utilise their digital courseware assets received when attending the 'Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions' course.

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Monday 13th September 2021


Wednesday 20th October 2021


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Friday 25th February 2022


Monday 7th March 2022