Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS.

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3 Days


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This course gives developers exposure to and practice with best practices for building serverless applications using AWS Lambda and other services in the AWS serverless platform. You will use AWS frameworks to deploy a serverless application in hands-on labs that progress from simpler to more complex topics. You will use AWS documentation throughout the course to develop authentic methods for learning and problem-solving beyond the classroom.


This course includes presentations, hands-on labs, demonstrations, videos, knowledge checks, and group exercises.

Intended audience

This course is intended for:
Developers who have some familiarity with serverless and experience with development in the AWS Cloud


In this course, you will learn to:

Course Outline

Day 1
Module 0: Introduction
Module 1: Thinking Serverless
Module 2: API-Driven Development and Synchronous Event Sources
Module 3: Introduction to Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control
Module 4: Serverless Deployment Frameworks
Module 5: Using Amazon EventBridge and Amazon SNS to Decouple Components
Module 6: Event-Driven Development Using Queues and Streams
Hands-On Labs
Day 2
Module 7: Writing Good Lambda Functions
Module 8: Step Functions for Orchestration
Module 9: Observability and Monitoring
Hands-On Labs
Day 3
Module 10: Serverless Application Security
Module 11: Handling Scale in Serverless Applications
Module 12: Automating the Deployment Pipeline
Hands-On Labs


We recommend that attendees of this course have:

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Wednesday 17th November 2021


Wednesday 9th February 2022


Monday 9th May 2022