Terms & Conditions of Sale

Contracts & Legals

Let’s signpost you to our T&Cs and to apply for credit with us.

Terms and Conditions

Our quotes have a link to the current, ‘hidden’ terms page – for customer eyes only.

Our quote plus the documents on the terms page form our contract with you, so it’s essential you visit that.

(For old quotes that don’t refer to our terms ‘Framework’, you can download the legacy Terms and Conditions of Sale which were in force for your purchase.)

Credit Application

Before completing the credit application form, please locate an electronic copy of your letterhead, as a PDF or image file. You will be required to upload this whilst completing the form.

The application is an online form in our e-signing system. Quick tips:

  • You can download a copy to read first, or just read online by scrolling up and down.
  • The system will expect entry in all fields, so just type ‘NA’ where a field does not apply to your situation.

Thank you. Our accounts dept will advise you of the outcome. If you need to settle an invoice immediately, we offer online card payment.

Direct Debit Set-Up

We ask that all customers with monthly recurring services, such as Managed Service and Microsoft cloud licences, set up a GoCardless account from which we can collect Direct Debit payments.

We would also prefer to use GoCardless to collect payments for non-recurring invoices and so if you would be interested in this then please let us know.

If you are paying some invoices by DD and some by BACS/card, then the Payment Terms on the invoice will show ‘Monthly Direct Debit’ if we will be collecting it by DD, or it will show ‘Net 30 days’ if you are to pay by BACS/card.

Direct Debit Notes and Guarantees

  • When we generate a DD collection, you will receive an email from GoCardless as per the image below.
  • It clearly states the invoice number(s) that we are collecting, and the date that funds will leave your bank account.
  • The Direct Debit will be taken around 30 days after the invoice date, there is therefore sufficient time to query any invoices prior to the DD collection. There may be exceptions to the 30 days but this will be agreed with you first.
  • You will receive another email seven days before a Direct Debit is taken to give you additional notice. This still allows time for amendments if needed.
  • We can cancel a payment at any time before the date that it is be taken.

Set Up Direct Debits Now

It’s quick and easy. Be sure to enter your company name instead of your personal name.

Apply on GoCardless

Example Collection Notice

Example Direct Debit Collection Notice

We are restricted to £40,000 for any single DD collections and so any amounts over this will be collected in separate transactions, e.g. If the invoice is for £46,000, you will receive two emails as above: one for £40,000 and the other for £6,000. Both emails would have the same invoice reference.

Microsoft Customer Agreement

Microsoft now have a unified ‘Microsoft Customer Agreement’, which is a non-expiring agreement covering their portfolio.

If you are a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customer, such as an Office 365 user, you have to sign the Microsoft Customer Agreement in order that we can manage your Office 365 account.

The Microsoft Customer Agreement can be signed here in your Office 365 Admin portal, provided you have suitable admin rights. You can also see which Microsoft partners you’re linked with.

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