The Importance of Secure Passwords

lock and computer keys

With cyber threat at an all-time high, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your company has secure, correctly-stored passwords. These are your first defence in protecting valuable and sensitive information from hackers and malware, so it’s vital to make them as secure as possible. Password-guessing is one of the most common ways a … Read more

Microsoft CSP New Commerce Experience

Microsoft Apps

EDITS: Changes added in Dec 2021, Feb 2022 and March 2022 as information was released. You may have heard the recent news that Microsoft’s commercial seat-based licences (User Subscription Licences) will be moving to the new commerce experience. But what exactly does this mean for Microsoft customers? Microsoft have already moved Azure Plan, Server Software, … Read more

LOG4SHELL Vulnerability

IN BRIEF: WHAT IS IT? Lots of IT eqiupment uses software written in a language called Java. It’s particularly common in devices with embedded systems, including those with web-based admin interfaces. It’s normal for software developers to re-use common code to achieve common tasks. There’s a code library called Log4j which is used by lots of systems … Read more

Top 5 tips for computer security

Nexus Social Security Day 2021

Today is Computer Security Day – a great opportunity to review your security infrastructure and ask the difficult question – ‘just how secure are we?’. Did you know, more than 80% of UK organisations experienced a successful attack in 2020/2021? Read our top 5 computer security tips to help protect your business. Did you know … Read more

NCSC Annual Cyber Security Report is Out


The 2021 NCSC annual report is out, discussing their work in cyber security. They say “we have offered support to 777 significant incidents– up from 723 the previous year – with around 20% of organisations supported linked to the health sector and vaccines”. On the SolarWinds IT management platform attack, they say “Russia’s Foreign Intelligence … Read more

Microsoft Releases Windows 11

man using windows 11 on laptop

So, you may have heard the news that Microsoft has released Windows 11; with the promise of being the best operating system so far, what exactly does this mean for you? We’ve asked our expert team for their thoughts. What’s New? From what we have seen, this feels more like a visual upgrade to Windows … Read more

Microsoft Teams announces innovative new features

Microsoft Teams app on mobile phone

We love the pace at which Microsoft is adding new functionality to Teams. As well as improving all the usual calling and meeting features, here are a couple of novel additions that we thought you might like to try. These could really help if you’re transitioning to a hybrid working environment or looking to modernise … Read more

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