Virtualisation is one of the most effective ways of reducing your IT costs while also increasing the efficiency, availability and reliability of your hardware infrastructure, enabling your business to be more agile.

Our virtualisation specialists can help plan and deliver a range of virtualisation solutions to maximise your return on investment and get the most from your hardware. We're a VMware Enterprise Partner, meaning we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the most from your infrastructure through consolidation.

Reduced IT costs, footprint, energy and heat

Converting multiple physical servers into virtual servers reduces server room and datacentre footprints. Using less physical hardware also helps to reduce energy usage and heat build-up.

Increase Server Efficiency

Make more efficient use of your computing resources and investments. Move multiple physical servers on to a single server making better use of your hardware and improved ROI.

Cloud Readiness

Utilising a virtual machine infrastructure makes the move to a cloud environment less involved and costly.

Improved Redundancy & Failover Abilities

Disaster recovery can be substantially simpler and quicker when your servers are virtualised. Instant failover via on-host and off-host mean your servers could be back up and running within minutes.

Faster Server Deployment

Virtual servers can be standardised and replicated, allowing you to deploy them faster and enable your IT department to be more efficient and agile. 

Testing and Development

The use of virtual machines enables you to rapidly and safely deploy testing servers in a known and controlled environment without having an impact on business systems.

How Can Nexus Help You Virtualise?

Server Virtualisation

We can help you plan and deploy a virtualised server infrastructure, making you more agile and making better use of your current infrastructure.

Desktop Virtualisation

Reduce your costs and simplify the management, maintenance and deployment of desktops with centralised control.

VMware Health Checks

Make sure you're getting the full potential of your current virtualisation investment with in-depth optimisation reports, infrastructure assessments and workshops with our VMware Health Check.

Why Nexus?

We've been specialising in helping organisations to plan and deploy virtualisation solutions from VMware and Microsoft for over ten years. Our certified VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) have a proven track record of delivering virtualisation projects to large and small organisations across the UK. We tailor each project to fit your needs, with extensive planning and exploration and best practice to make sure the benefits to you are maximised.

We have 10 years' extensive experience deploying VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V solutions across a wide range of sectors.

We have a team of dedicated VMware Certified Professionals with a wealth of experience delivering virtualisation projects.

We're a VMware Enterprise Partner giving us the knowledge and experience to deliver best practice VMware solutions.