SIP Trunking Solutions - Nexus Hybrid Voice

Most businesses rely on their telephone systems for daily operation. If you’re currently using ISDN, you may be considering a strategy to migrate from ISDN to SIP, given the BT announcement that ISDN services have a shut-off date of 2025. Moving from legacy ISDN service to SIP provides a future-proof solution with additional benefits for businesses.

What are the benefits of SIP over ISDN?

  1. For businesses that use 10 or more channels of ISDN, switching to SIP can deliver immediate cost savings of up to 50% on line rentals and 25% or more on call costs. Increase these savings by consolidating voice and data lines.
  2. SIP trunking offers greater flexibility than ISDN. Common issues associated with ISDN, including damage to lines, difficulty in redirecting calls, and office moves, are reduced with SIP trunking, helping to ensure your vital voice services are always available.
  3. Capacity can be increased or decreased when necessary. This helps businesses which experience seasonal spikes, making it a truly flexible alternative.
  4. SIP trunks enable quick and effortless call rerouting in the event of an emergency, giving big advantages for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  5. SIP trunks are tested and approved to work with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business through direct routing, enabling external calling to the PSTN.


SIP: The Modern Cost-Effective Alternative for Business Telephony

SIP trunking is a voice service that connects your PBX (Private Branch Exchange or telephone system) to allow calls on the public telephone network. It provides a more economical alternative for businesses, by merging voice and data onto internet or Wide Area Network (WAN) connections which most businesses already have, removing the need for analogue or ISDN lines.

Key Features of Nexus Hybrid voice

  • Market-leading UK provider
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Accredited to ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO22301 and ISO14001
  • SLAs of 99.99% as standard
  • IP Authentication as standard
  • Tested with all major PBX hardware providers
  • Business continuity built in
  • Free calls - 5,000 (01, 02, 03) and 2,000 mobile minutes per channel per month
  • Free fraud management
  • Flexibility with phone numbers
  • Full control via your own portal, provisioning and in-life management
  • No capital outlay

If you want to upgrade your ISDN line to SIP, get in touch with our team today, Email or give us a call on 01392 205095, or use our contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the best options for you.