No matter what business you're in, it's safe to assume you probably rely on software to run parts, if not all, of your operation. Understanding your Microsoft licensing requirements can be a complex and daunting task. Our experts are here to help analyse and suggest the most suitable licensing agreements helping you to get the best return on investment. There's a wide array of different types of licensing options; what's right will be dependent on the unique needs, size and purchasing preference of your organisation.

Your Guide to Microsoft Volume Licensing (MVL)

Microsoft Volume Licensing is offered to businesses and organisations that require multiple licenses, but who do not require duplicate copies of the software, or the manuals included with the traditional retail product. This reduces the licence cost and makes MVL an easier option to manage. 

Microsoft offers several MVL options depending on your type, size and sector.

Open Licensing

This offers a pay-as-you-go solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses, organisations and charities. Aimed at those looking for five or more devices, it’s a cost-effective way of obtaining the latest Microsoft products. Also, comes with Software Assurance support.

Enterprise Licensing

Aimed at organisations with more than 500 devices or users. Tiered pricing reduces the cost of buying licences as numbers grow. Enterprise licensing includes Software Assurance

Open Value Subscription

This offers the lowest upfront costs. It’s possible to reduce payments if the number of licences required declines during the contract period. This flexible approach makes it an attractive solution for business. Includes Software Assurance.

Government, Health, Education & Non-Profit Licensing

Microsoft offer specific licensing programs for government, health, education and non-profit. These programmes include subscription options over a period of years, or perpetual licenses which retain the rights to use the software when the licensing agreement ends.

Software Assurance

Microsoft include Software Assurance with many volume licenses, this provides flexible licensing rights, home downloads for employees, software updates and access to online training. Technical support is available during the license period.

Why Choose Nexus for your Microsoft Software Licensing?

We're a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner, achieving both Volume Licensing and Software Asset Management partner status. Our licensing experts have helped implement Microsoft licensing solutions for corporate, enterprise, SME, public sector government and public sector academic sectors.

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