Research shows that up to 80% of businesses that suffer a major disaster, and don't have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place, go out of business within three years. With the growing usage and dependence on technology and data, do you have a plan in place to safeguard your critical business systems and data? Disasters aren't confined to natural disasters like fire or flood; more commonly power outages, hardware failures, virus and ransomware are the cause of downtime.

Downtime not only has financial implications but can also have an impact on your business's valuable reputation. It makes sense to have a plan in place in advance.

How can we help you?

Disaster recovery plans

A vital part of any business continuity strategy. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) details the policies, processes and procedures in place to restore or recover critical business systems.

Backup & Replication to get you up & running

We offer an extensive range of flexible and reliable backup and replication solutions for continuous protection, utilising on-site, off-site and cloud storage. We've also got your cloud services such as Exchange Online and Office 365 covered.

Virtualisation & the Cloud

Virtualisation and cloud services offer technology which provide high availability. Utilising these technologies not only enables the development of robust and flexible DRPs but also a more agile infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing & Validation

Ensuring your disaster recovery solution is regularly and extensively tested is a vital part of any business continuity strategy. Testing gives you the confidence you'll have minimal downtime should disaster strike.

Office space & equipment

In the event of a disaster which leaves you without access to buildings or offices, we can offer temporary work spaces which include equipment and communication services, enabling you to quickly get back critical operations.

24/7 IT Support

Reducing the risk of hardware or software failure can play a large part in ensuring your business and communication systems are working when you need them. We offer a range of proactive support services designed to fit your business needs.