List of Sub-Processors

Sub Processors

In order to obtain the best combination of service, capability and security, we will update our third-party processors from time to time.

This list was last updated 19th Dec 2023. Major changes will be preceded by our own data protection impact assessment

Sub-Processor NameData SubjectsProcessing PurposeData to be ProcessedStorage Location
Autotask (Datto Europe)Staff of our clientsAdministering sales and support processesContact details, responsibilities, correspondenceUK
CrewHuStaff of our clientsRecording support ticket feedbackContact details, feedbackUS
IT GlueStaff of our clientsAdministering support processesContact details, responsibilitiesGermany
Microsoft (Office 365 & Dynamics)Staff and customers of our clients; prospectsEmail, SharePoint development, prospecting, Nexus document storage for performance of a contractContact details, correspondence, potentially our clients’ customer dataUK
Finance SoftwareStaff of our clientsFinancial record-keeping, paymentsContact detailsOn premises (UK)
GoCardless (Direct Debit) N.B. as Joint Data ControllersName/contact details for direct debit accountProcessing payments, securityContact, bank and financial information. Sub-processed as necessary for payments.London-based but international network
KaseyaStaff of our clientsProviding dark web monitoring and phishing trainingContact details, training outcomesUS
MailChimpData protection mailing list subscribersEmail marketingContact details, click-through tracking and mailing managementUK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework
HubSpotMailing list subscribers, customersEmail marketing, deal tracking, prospectingContact details, opportunitiesUK data centre
Google AnalyticsWebsite visitorsWebsite engagement trackingIP address, activityUK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework
Exclaimer (Email Signatures)Anybody in our outbound emailsAdding signatures to our outbound emailsEmail contentsTemporarily passed through UK data centre
Vendors Offering CoursesTraining delegates on non-QA coursesAdmin and courseware provision for coursesContact details, qualifications & experienceSee course notices. Non-EU in some cases.
Sign In AppBuilding visitorsAttendance record for fire safety and general visitor managementName, photo, purpose of visitUK data centre
StripeStaff of clientsCard payment processingContact detailsUK/International
Suppliers N.B. Some will be joint controllersStaff of our clientsProvision of goods or servicesTypically contact information. Depends upon the serviceVaries. See ‘International Transfers’ in our privacy notice.
Contractor EngineersStaff and customers of our clientsAdministering support processesContact details, correspondence, potentially the controller’s customer dataEU
Optix Solutions Marketing AgencyClients engaged in case studiesPromoting Nexus products and services, public relationsContact details, correspondenceUK-based

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