Veeam v11 update

Late last week, Veeam announced their first ever list of legends, and we are delighted to have our very own Michael Paul listed at number 4. The Veeam legends have been selected for their continuous active engagement within the Veeam community, using their expert knowledge to assist other individuals. 

Today Veeam have launched V11 of their innovative backup software. Here’s Michael’s summary of the most important changes. 

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) 

The latest update has reduced down-time even further, meaning, should the worst happen, you can be back up and running in seconds, with near zero data loss! 

  • Even more secure 

Veeam has always boasted excellent security by design, but the new hardened Linux repository means it is further protected against malicious encryption. 

  • More affordable storage options 

The new update supports cheaper cloud storage options, helping reduce the cost for maintaining backups. 

  • New Instant Recovery Features 

Recover from disaster faster with the ability to instantly bring online databases and NAS backups. 

  • Further integration with Cloud Connect 

Numerous new features and security enhancements enable you to use a service provider such as Nexus with the confidence your data is secure. 

These newest updates are ensuring the Veeam products continue to be the front runner in back up and recovery. It’s no wonder they are a ‘leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for data centre backup and recovery. 

Nexus are only 1 of 4 Veeam Accredited Service Partners in the UK, putting us in the best position to deliver these newest updates to all of our clients. 

Watch our Nexus Bitesize with Michael to hear more about Veeam.

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