Urgent updates needed for Microsoft Exchange

In October 2020, Microsoft Exchange 2010 went end of support. This means that:

  • Technical support is no longer available for this service from Microsoft
  • Bug fixes or security updates will no longer be provided, meaning that the service may become unstable, unreliable and vulnerable to security breaches.

Exchange 2010 will continue to run, however Nexus strongly recommends that any organisations currently using Exchange 2010 urgently review migrating to a different service.

An independent study earlier this year identified that over 150k of servers were still running Exchange 2010. These were just the servers which responded over the internet, as such the true number of organisations still running Exchange 2010 will be much higher. That’s a scary thought considering that no further security updates will be provided.

nexus recommendations

Whilst each organisation has its own needs and requirements, Nexus frequently migrate customers into Microsoft 365. This often is the most suitable solution and provides additional features to the customer where unavailable before.

Nexus works closely with organisations during such migrations to produce tailored migration plans which take into account the customers’ needs and timescales.

If you need help discussing a migration then please contact us.

future planning

Whilst the aim of this article is to highlight that Exchange 2010 is end of support, organisations should also be thinking about migrations if they are using Exchange 2013 as well.

Support for this service ends in April 2023 – whilst this is a few years away, getting a plan in place now can often save time and money, not to mention your future stress levels!

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