Unleashing Productivity: A Comprehensive Guide to Copilot for Windows and Microsoft 365 Copilot 

In an ever-evolving landscape of productivity tools, Microsoft has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of Copilot – a revolutionary AI-powered technology designed to enhance efficiency and creativity.  

Released in March 2023, Copilot comes in two main versions: Copilot for Windows and Microsoft 365 Copilot. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the unique features and benefits of each, helping you understand how they can elevate your work experience. 

Copilot in Windows 11 

Copilot in Windows is seamlessly integrated into Windows 11, making it easily accessible from your desktop taskbar or through the Win+C shortcut. As an intrinsic part of the Bing Chat, it allows users to choose conversation styles (creative, balanced, or precise) and provides helpful suggestions for various tasks. Windows 10 users don’t have access yet, but there’s already noise about this coming soon.  

So, let’s dive a little deeper into the details of this built-in feature:  


  • Offers quick assistance with general queries, settings adjustments, and web searches. 
  • Provides a unified interface for step-by-step guidance across applications, the web, and devices. 
  • Supports natural language queries with a generous 2,000-word limit and the option to attach images for added context. 

Example Use Cases 

  • Finding information swiftly 
  • Changing settings across applications 
  • Summarising web content, including articles and blog posts 

Integration with Edge 

Copilot in Windows can be configured to summarise the content of your active Edge browser tab, making it a handy tool for digesting information from online sources. 

Visibility Settings 

Users have the flexibility to toggle Copilot’s visibility on the taskbar through Windows 11 settings, also meaning administrators can hide the tool where needed. 

Copilot in Microsoft 365 

Now let’s take a look at the more comprehensive version called Microsoft 365 Copilot 

Microsoft 365 Copilot is the premium version of Copilot, serving as a digital assistant powered by AI. Suitable for both personal and professional tasks, it requires a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license (but note the current minimum 300 licenses requirement; sorry small business, this is not for you yet). It’s deeply integrated into Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. 


  • Provides personalised assistance for complex work-related problems and tasks across Microsoft 365 apps. 
  • Processes detailed prompts, offering refined outcomes based on the contextual understanding of your job, priorities, and organisation. 
  • Executes tasks such as creating PowerPoint slides from Word documents, drafting emails with personalised tones, and analysing business data in Excel. 

Use Cases 

  • Transforming documents into presentations 
  • Drafting emails with personalised tones 
  • Analysing and summarising business data 
  • Providing meeting summaries from Teams conversations 
  • To name a few! 

Data Processing 

Microsoft 365 Copilot ensures enterprise-grade security, privacy, compliance, and responsible AI by processing data inside your Microsoft 365 tenant. 

Cost and Accessibility 

While Copilot in Windows is a free, built-in feature of Windows 11, Microsoft 365 Copilot comes with a paid subscription of $30 per user per month, requiring a Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 license with a minimum of 300 licences. 

Chat Function and Data Processing 

Copilot in Windows uses Bing Chat, potentially saving chat data for training large language models. In contrast, Microsoft 365 Copilot employs Microsoft 365 Chat, ensuring data privacy and security without saving chat data.  

Bing Chat for Enterprise is now called Copilot

Launched in July 2023, Bing Chat for Enterprise was branded as Microsoft’s AI-powered chat system designed for work environments. It combines the capabilities of the new Bing search with commercial data protection to enhance creativity, productivity and data security within organisations. 

UPDATE as of 1st December 2023 - Microsoft has rebranded Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise as Copilot to simplify the user experience. Find out more here. 

Here are some use cases for Copilot (formerly known ‘Bing Chat’) by itself: 

  • Decision Implications: Understanding the pros and cons of decisions. 
  • Skill Learning: Learning new skills or project management techniques. 
  • Data Analysis: Analysing data and comparing forecasts. 
  • Document Summarization: Summarizing work-related PDFs. 
  • Code Writing: Writing code snippets. 
  • Travel Planning: Planning business trips. 
  • Content Generation: Creating social media content. 

According to the Work Trend Index Special Report M365, 70% of Copilot users said they were more productive, and 68% said it improved the quality of their work. So whether you opt for the integrated Copilot in Windows or the comprehensive Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft’s AI offerings are set to transform the way we work, providing a glimpse into the future of productivity tools. However, for now, the paid version is really only valid for enterprise-sized businesses, so the rest of us will need to enjoy the bundled version in Windows 11.    

Stay tuned as Copilot continues to evolve, offering even more specialised versions like Copilot in cloud flows, Microsoft Sales Copilot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot.  

 Nexus Head of Cloud Services, Mark Runciman comments “As we explore the early stages of Copilot for Windows and Microsoft 365 Copilot, it’s akin to witnessing the initial chapters of a productivity transformation. These tools are in their early stages, and we’re keenly following their development over the upcoming months and years. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress. Our commitment is to provide pragmatic guidance on how to adapt and benefit from every improvement, ensuring your sustained success in navigating this evolving landscape of productivity tools.” 

If you’d like to speak to an established and certified Microsoft partner about your M365 requirements, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help on 01392 205095 or email us on hello@nexusos.co.uk.    

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