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Understanding Office 365: Power BI – Making Big Data a Small Task

By Gary Taylor

Live webinar | Wednesday 10th August | 10:30 – 11:15

Join us for this live webinar to discover how Microsoft Power BI could change the way you look at and analyse data. You?ll learn how to transform complex data into valuable and clear insights which could become major competitive differentiators.

Gaining valuable insights from data can be complex and time consuming, even more so when from a broad range of data sources. Power BI revolutionises this by providing a 360-degree view for business users with your most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on all your devices.

Key takeaways from the webinar

  • What is Power BI and what problems does it solve?
  • Leveraging a wide range of data sources to create insights
  • The Power BI workflow, from accessing data through to sharing the reports
  • The next steps – how can Nexus help?

This webinar will be of value to anyone interested in finding out more about simplifying data analytics and visualisation.