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Understanding Office 365 – OneDrive for Business & Delve

By Gary Taylor

Join us for the first in a series of short webinars where we’ll be exposing Office 365 apps and features, helping you to get the most out of Office 365.

OneDrive for Business is enterprise grade storage accessible anywhere and on virtually any device. Office Delve surfaces personalised content from across Office 365, bringing you information based on what you’re working on, who you’re working with, and the permissions you have. No need to remember document titles or where content is stored.

What you’ll learn during the webinar

  • What are OneDrive for Business and Office Delve?
  • Combining OneDrive and Office Delve to improve your daily workflow.

This series of webinars will be of interest to anyone wanting to find out more about what Office 365 has to offer, and how it features can be used to increase productivity and streamline processes.

Not moved over to office 365 yet? talk with us to see why so many organisations like yours have.