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Migrating your PBX to Skype for Business (1)

By Gary Taylor

Webinar Date: Thursday 21st May
Time: 10.30 – 11.00am GMT

Join us on our live webinar to discover how easy it can be to make the move from a PBX to a Skype for Business solution.

In this webinar, Skype for Business expert Barry Byrne will share insights on the most suitable approaches and advantages for moving from a PBX system to Skype for Business, enabling faster, simpler and more productive communications across your organisation.

This webinar will be useful for anyone investigating the possibilities available when replacing your existing PBX with Skype for Business.

You’ll learn:

  • Available approaches to migrating your existing PBX to Skype for Business
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cutover, phased and direct SIP migrations strategies.
  • Architecture overview of a phased migration scenario.
  • Questions & Answers session.