Four Staff Skydive Jump for Devon Mind

Four Nexus staff will be jumping out of a plane next month to raise money for the Devon branch of Mind (the mental health charity).

The skydive is planned at Dunkeswell Airport on Friday 10th September Thursday 28th October 2021 (insert more missed dates here…) Wednesday 3rd August 2022.

Who’s the most scared right now? Hard to decide. The people jumping and raising funds are:

Drop them some funds and leave an inspiring comment!

Nexus is contributing to the jump costs to maximise the donations going to Mind. You can read about Devon Mind and their work.

As an employer, Nexus strives to recognise the personal challenges posed by mental health, and we support staff in ways particular to their situation. We also try to tune the work environment and staff benefits to help the work-life balance.

Watch out for an update. Will anyone refuse to jump? Will it be smooth landings all around? We promise pictures.

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