Virtualisation Technology

Nexus are authorised to supply, install and support virtualisation technology from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and many other strategic partners.

Virtualisation and Your IT Infrastructure

Virtualisation (or virtualization) is an important technology that businesses are incorporating within their IT infrastructures. So what exactly is virtualisation and what benefits could it offer to your organisation?

What is Virtualisation?

Virtual environments are created when computer hardware is emulated, allowing you to run multiple operating systems and software applications on a single physical server.

The term virtualisation has become an IT buzzword, and as a result the term is now associated with a number of different computing technologies including:

  • Platform Virtualisation
  • Network Virtualisation
  • Storage Virtualisation
  • Server Virtualisation
  • Operating System Virtualisation
  • Application Virtualisation
  • Desktop Virtualisation

Why Would My Organisation Need Virtualisation?

You can create a more agile and adaptive IT infrastructure, reduce the total cost of IT ownership and minimise downtime. There are many benefits that virtualisation can offer to your organisation and they apply to all the elements of your IT infrastructure: servers, operating systems, data storage and software applications.

The Benefits of Virtualisation at a Glance

  • Server Consolidation
    Run multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform.
  • Simplified Back-Up and Improved Disaster Recovery
    Better business continuity and high availability helps reduce scheduled and unscheduled downtime.
  • Improved Enterprise Desktop Management and Control
    Faster deployment of desktops and fewer support calls due to application conflicts.
  • Hosting Legacy Applications
    Deploy software applications that need to run on older operating systems.
  • Reduced Testing and Development Costs
    Use a virtual environment to develop and test new software to minimise risk to live systems.
  • Environmentally and Financially Friendly
    Reduce capital costs by increasing energy efficiency.
  • Do More With Less
    Reduce datacentre space utilisation and use less hardware to increase your server to admin ratio.
  • Consolidate and Secure Your Storage
    Use thin provisioning, snapshots and replication with the latest SAN and data storage virtualisation technology.

How Can Nexus Help?

Nexus specialise in helping organisations to plan and deploy virtualisation solutions from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. The first step in assessing your specific requirements is to Book a Virtualisation Capacity Planning Report, which contains key information that is collected during an on-site audit by one of our accredited virtualisation engineers.

Capacity Planning

Planning and sizing a virtualisation project can be a daunting task for any IT professional. We can help you to conduct a capacity planning exercise to gather performance data from your current computing, network and data storage infrastructure to determine your current utilisation. Using this information we can specify the exact software licenses, hardware and labour resources that you need to establish a virtual environment that meets your needs today, and can scale for the future.

We help collate the following key information for you when we undertake a virtualisation capacity plan:

  • Assessment of your current IT infrastructure
  • Outline of your virtualisation and storage requirements
  • Hardware performance and consolidation report
  • Implementation and training costs proposal
  • Business case and ROI analysis
  • Recommendations and next steps

Infrastructure Virtualisation

IT infrastructure virtualisation and optimisation is an essential strategy for increasing efficiency and reducing physical server hardware, power consumption and labour costs. Nexus can simplify your transition to a virtual infrastructure by designing a dynamic and efficient virtualisation platform for your organisation, from the hypervisor to the network, data storage and management tools.

We can quickly and confidently consolidate physical servers and deploy virtual servers into production environments, eliminating many of the time consuming tasks that are common in complex IT infrastructures. Our engineers will work closely with your IT team and follow best-practice guidelines for infrastructure optimisation, taking into account server workload, network performance and data storage capabilities.

Storage Optimisation & Virtualisation

Virtual storage solutions from Nexus are a perfect fit for organisations who are looking to improve the management of their data storage infrastructure. We can help you to fully integrate your chosen storage platform with leading server virtualisation solutions from Dell, HP and IBM. Our virtual storage portfolio optimises the datacentre by consolidating resources and reallocating them based on utilisation and capacity. You can simplify cumbersome tasks, such as allocating storage, load balancing, configuring RAID and backing up or restoring data while creating a cost-effective shared storage strategy that fully realises all the benefits of moving to a virtual infrastructure.

Our engineers have many years of experience working with Dell EqualLogic iSCSI storage area network (SAN) hardware, who are market leaders when compared to traditional direct attached storage (DAS), fibre channel (FC) SAN and multiprotocol alternatives.

Nexus can take Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays from the box to an operating SAN in minutes. Our storage optimisation and virtualisation solutions are aimed at medium- to large-sized organisations with virtualised environments who want to maximise their data storage investment.

Desktop Virtualisation

When you utilise desktop or client virtualisation it simplifies the process of maintaining, distributing, patching and adding applications to your end-point desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets or other devices.

With a virtual desktop, we can supply your organisation with a consistent and centrally managed end user environment by running the client desktop or virtual machine on a physical host server, using your preferred virtualisation software.

This separates the desktop user experience from the hardware, operating system and applications. A virtual desktop allows users to seamlessly access their regular desktop from inexpensive low-end PC’s, laptops, thin client terminals, mobile devices or shared computers. When you virtualise your desktop with Nexus, you can increase operating efficiency, user performance and cost control. We work with virtualisation partners including VMware, Microsoft and Citrix to drive the evolution of desktop and client virtualisation.

Application Virtualisation

Application virtualisation technologies from Microsoft, VMware or Citrix enable you to deploy new applications quickly and improve their availability. When you combine their class-leading technology with server hardware platforms from Dell, HP and IBM you can build a high-performance, scalable solution to meet the demands of today’s business applications. We can help you to use application virtualisation to overcome many different interoperability and business application delivery issues, such as: running applications in environments that do not suit the native computing environment, streaming virtual applications to users on demand and application hosting services in the cloud.

Datacentre Consolidation

Every virtualisation strategy should encompass a server or datacentre consolidation element to reduce hardware sprawl, management overhead, unnecessary power consumption and to meet the growing demands of your organisation. Nexus can help you to understand all of these factors, whether you're a small business trying to extend existing IT resources or a large organisation with a datacentre that wants to improve IT management and automation. Our qualified and experienced engineers can design a solution that consolidates and simplifies your computing infrastructure.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Nexus can help you to make virtualisation technology deliver high levels of availability, fault tolerance and provide disaster recovery protection that is suitable for mission critical environments.

When you incorporate virtualisation software into your business continuity plan it enables you to use failover protection and system recovery tools that reduce from hours down to seconds the time it takes to recover your computer systems. Let Nexus help you to ensure that your users have near continuous access to business critical applications and data.

High Availability

Nexus are authorised to supply and build industry-leading high availability virtualisation platforms for cloud infrastructures and mission-critical computing environments. We can help you to manage your IT resources and business applications effectively, to meet even the most demanding service level agreements.

High availability (HA) solutions provide easy-to-use, cost effective tools to manage applications and other resources running in virtual environments. In the event of physical server hardware failure, affected virtual machines are automatically restarted on clustered servers that have spare capacity.

Talk to our pre-sales experts if you are looking to minimise downtime from server and operating system failure or provide high availability across your infrastructure.

Installation & Support

Nexus offer a comprehensive virtualisation installation and configuration service - from concept, design, deployment and testing, to handover and training. You can rest assured that we can help you at every stage of your IT project.

We supply a number of post-sales support and maintenance and managed IT services to protect your investment.