Mobile Computing Technology

Nexus are authorised to supply, install and support mobile computing and smartphone technology from Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft and many other strategic partners.

A mobile workforce can be more productive and efficient. Our pre-sales team can help you to select and deploy the right mobile products from our portfolio of award-winning laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

We help organisations of all sizes to create mobile and wireless network infrastructures that enable employees to communicate, collaborate and interact with business applications from virtually anywhere in the world.

The latest mobile computer systems and smartphone technologies empower field workers and roaming users to rapidly react, respond and work together in new ways and from new locations.

If your organisation wants to get the most benefit from its mobile computing platform, you need the right business tools and applications. To achieve these goals the Nexus software development team plans, designs, and develops bespoke mobile apps.

Contact our pre-sales team if you would like to find out more about our mobile computing solutions. We can arrange evaluation units or utilise our technology demo suite to develop and test your mobile computing strategy. We can even provide bespoke training to your end users so they can effectively utilise the technology from day one.

Laptops & Notebooks

Nexus supply an extensive range of laptops and notebooks from the world’s top brands to ensure that you can find the perfect mobile computing device for your needs. We can help you to choose the right specification, features and performance to suit individual requirements and budget.

Tablets, Slates & Convertibles

One of the fastest growing areas of mobile computing is the adoption of tablet, slate and convertible laptops with touchscreen capabilities. You can go beyond everyday productivity with a thin and light tablet or slate PC from Nexus that puts your business at your fingertips.


The latest smartphones now have more advanced computing capability and connectivity options than ever before. We can help you to select and deploy the right devices to enhance your mobile workforce.

The Nexus software development team can also provide rapid mobile app development and mobile commerce solutions that can improve and change the way you work and manage your organisation.

Mobile Computing Peripherals & Accessories

Nexus is one of the leading UK resellers for mobile computing peripherals and accessories. Our distributors stock virtually every type of component or spare part. If you need help sourcing mobile computer peripherals and accessories at the right price, contact us for advice or to request a quote.

Installation & Support

Nexus offers a comprehensive mobility installation and configuration service from concept, design, deployment and testing to handover and training. You can rest assured that we can help you at every stage of your project.

We supply a number of post-sales support and maintenance and managed IT services to protect your investment.