Data Storage & Protection Solutions

Nexus are authorised to supply, install and support data storage and protection solutions from Dell, HP, IBM and many other strategic partners.

One of the most challenging issues facing today’s IT manager is the growing demand for server computing power and data storage. With the proliferation of email, document management, unified communication systems, digital imaging and video, and their ever increasing files sizes, the problem requires a scalable and cost-effective solution.

We can assess your current data storage demands and also forecast your future requirements, so that we can deliver a data storage platform that will scale to meet the future needs of your organisation.

Whether you're looking to consolidate servers to lower operational costs, replicate for data protection, or upgrade your Network Attached Storage (NAS) to a fully featured iSCSI and fibre channel SAN, Nexus offer affordable industry-standard data storage solutions with enterprise-strength performance and reliability.

Our highly experienced data storage specialists can help you to prepare your network infrastructure, plan a virtualisation project or create a business continuity strategy before we supply and install any of the following data storage technologies:

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

When your database files, applications or user data increase, you may need large amounts of storage space. You may need to consolidate and create a high-availability storage area network (SAN).

Based on industry-standard and enterprise-class technologies, Nexus offers a wide variety of flexible and economical SAN technologies that you can easily add to your existing computing infrastructure. Nexus specialises in supplying and integrating world class storage area network technology from Dell, HP and IBM.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Our pre-sales team can advise organisations that want to add low-cost storage at remote locations or expand their data storage capabilities.

We can help you to select from the best network attached storage (NAS) devices that provide a resilient file storage and sharing solution. NAS storage devices help you to consolidate data so you can share it across your business to increase productivity and maximise storage usage.

Direct Attached Storage Expansion (DAS)

If your server has run out of storage space and you need to expand the storage capacity directly without adding complexity or additional costs, we can supply direct attached storage (DAS) solutions and hard drives to increase data storage capacity.

Contact us if you want to quickly and easily expand server storage that has reached maximum capacity.

Storage Consolidation

Before you exceed your existing storage capacity, let us help you to plan and create a data storage consolidation strategy. At Nexus we understand the various types of data you need to store and retrieve.

We can help you to choose and implement the right data storage technologies that will help you to reduce costs and improve data storage utilisation and availability.

Storage Virtualisation

Virtual storage solutions from Nexus are a perfect fit for organisations who are looking to improve the management of their data storage infrastructure. We can help you fully integrate your chosen storage platform with leading storage virtualisation solutions from Dell, HP and IBM. Our virtual storage portfolio optimises the datacentre by consolidating resources and reallocating them based on utilisation and capacity.

You can simplify cumbersome tasks, such as allocating storage, load balancing, configuring RAID and backing up or restoring data while creating a cost-effective shared storage strategy that fully realises all the benefits of moving to a virtual infrastructure.

Cloud Storage

If your organisation spans multiple locations, you want to expand your mobile workforce or you simply want to create a flexible off-site data storage strategy for your business continuity and disaster plan, then Nexus can provide cloud storage and data protection services to organisations of all sizes.

We can supply a number of secure, reliable and easy-to-use cloud storage or backup solutions that utilise your existing network infrastructure or internet connection. You can automatically store and back up your data to a highly secure off-site data centre that is run and managed by one of our strategic partners.

Database & Email Storage

Consolidating your database and email storage simplifies management and reduces operational costs. At Nexus we specialise in helping you ensure the highest level of protection and performance for your critical databases and business applications.

Nexus are experts in deploying data storage solutions for Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server or Lync Server that provide seamless scalability with automatic load balancing for continuous performance improvement.

Tape & Disk Backup

When your organisation needs to back up large amounts of data quickly, Nexus supply tape- and disk-based backup systems that offer data protection and fast recovery times.

We can help you choose the right software and storage backup device to suit your computer systems environments. You can protect your growing volumes of data, reduce organisational impact from data loss and cut the costs of managing data protection.

Data Protection & Loss Prevention

If you want to protect against data breaches and also secure the sensitive data stored on your end-point devices, you need a solution that offers a broad set of IT management and security tools. With the growth of bring your own device (BYOD) to work, it is important that you can render any end-point device unusable if it is lost or stolen.

Nexus understands these issues and can help you implement security mechanisms to protect all of your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

With the built-in backup, recovery, snapshot, clone and replication features within our data storage systems, we can help you to create a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your organisation. We can help you to leverage industry best practices for efficiency, data protection and regulatory compliance.

Installation & Support

Nexus offers a comprehensive data storage installation and configuration service from concept, design, deployment and testing to handover and training. You can rest assured that we can help you at every stage of your project.

We supply a number of post-sales support and maintenance and managed IT services to protect your investment.