Business Computers & IT Systems

Nexus are authorised to supply, install and support business computer systems from Dell, HP, IBM and many other strategic partners.

Our full-service portfolio includes servers, workstations, PCs, thin clients and mobile devices. We can help you choose all of the components and peripherals you need to build a high-performance datacentre or business computer system that is tailored to your exact requirements.

Let our team of pre-sales experts help you to design your business computing infrastructure, server virtualisation environment or cloud hosting platform. All of the computer systems we supply are supported by our comprehensive range of IT support and maintenance or extended warranty options.

Alternatively, if your organisation needs an adaptive IT infrastructure that can scale quickly to meet demand, Nexus will work with its strategic partners to supply cloud computing solutions that offer on-demand business applications and computing resources.

Enterprise Servers

To compete effectively, large organisations need robust and flexible server and data storage hardware that is easy to manage and support.

At Nexus we specialise in supplying enterprise-class tower- and rack-based servers that maximise productivity, efficiency, space utilisation and power consumption. The enterprise servers we supply are flexible, scalable and provide outstanding performance for your organisation.

Small Business Servers

Our small business servers are ideal for collaboration, file sharing and data protection. They are designed to keep your critical business information safe and provide small- to medium-sized organisations with a cost-effective virtualisation platform, which can run multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server.

Workstations & PCs

You can revitalise your workforce with a workstation or PC from Nexus that is designed for maximum productivity, extended lifecycles, desktop virtualisation and outstanding IT management and control.

We supply desktop PCs that deliver high performance, reliability and scalability for the most challenging environments and applications.

Thin Client Terminals

Many organisations have worked with Nexus to implement server virtualisation technology or a cloud computing strategy to reduce IT costs. Desktop virtualisation with thin client computing is the next logical step.

A virtual desktop with thin client infrastructure can reduce power consumption and management overhead, whilst simplifying provisioning and improving security, as all data is stored centrally.

Datacentre Rack Enclosures

Our experienced pre-sales team help organisations that are looking to maximise their datacentre or computer room floor space by increasing server density and reducing cooling costs.

No matter how complex your environment, we can advise, supply or install all of the rack enclosure and climate control components that you need to manage and protect your datacentre.

Power Management & UPS

We can supply and integrate a broad range of power management, distribution and redundancy solutions to support your datacentre or computer network infrastructure.

There are a variety of flexible form-factors to suit any building or environment. The integrated management tools allow you to monitor energy usage and configure automated business continuity processes in the event of power failure.

Components & Peripherals

Nexus is one of the leading UK resellers for IT components and peripherals. Our distributors stock virtually every type of computer hardware component or spare part. If you need help sourcing IT equipment and peripherals at the right price, contact us for advice or to request a quote.

Installation & Support

We offer a comprehensive computer systems installation and configuration service from concept, design, deployment and testing to handover and training. You can rest assured that we can provide assistance at every stage of your IT project.

Take a look at our post-sales IT support and maintenance and managed IT services to see how we can help protect your investment.