Business Continuity Solutions

Every organisation should regularly review and adapt its business continuity strategy. Here are just three challenging questions that you should consider:

  • Will your organisation keep operating in the event of a serious incident or disaster such as a flood, fire, act of vandalism, major power failure or severe network outage?
  • How would unplanned downtime of your IT and communication infrastructure affect business or the operation of your organisation?
  • What is your disaster recovery plan to mitigate the risk of downtime and does it actually work?

If your organisation has not yet created a business continuity plan, then statistically the odds are against you in a time of crisis, with two out of five companies who experience a disaster closing within five years of the incident!

The growing dependence on access to technology 24/7 continues to spread into all aspects of the work place. The reliance on business-critical information, productivity tools, email and communication systems is ever-increasing.

Nexus consultants and engineers can prepare your organisation for unforeseen circumstances by creating a more resilient and higher availability infrastructure and by helping to develop your business continuity strategy.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan with Nexus

Successful business continuity strategies almost always need a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) that should detail the policies, processes and procedures in place to restore or recover your critical IT and communication systems.

Nexus can work closely with you to help understand and predict your operational requirements in the event of a disaster or disruption. We will complete an impact assessment that will formulate a comprehensive DRP that encompasses key topics including data accessibility, infrastructure readiness, IT systems restoration and recovery, communication services rerouting and alternative equipment and work spaces.

Backup & Replication

With 80% of all business information stored on computer networks, effective data storage, backup and recovery procedures are critical to your organisation and should be a primary component of your disaster recovery plan.

Nexus offer an extensive range of fast, flexible and reliable backup and replication solutions that can utilise your remote offices or an alternative hosting location to protect your valuable data.

Virtualisation & The Cloud

The most robust and flexible disaster recovery plans utilise virtualisation and cloud computing technologies for high availability. We specialise in helping organisations to use these platforms to create a more agile IT and communication infrastructure to strengthen their business continuity strategy.

Office Space & Equipment

In the event of a serious disaster that obstructs access to your offices or buildings, Nexus can arrange a work area recovery service for your organisation by offering temporary work space, equipment and communication services. These facilities are supplied by our local and international industry partners to ensure continuity of service and enable your critical operations to be re-established quickly.

Whether you need to equip a small management team with workstations or a large contact centre with telephony and management systems, we’ll deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

DR Testing & Validation

Once you have established a business continuity and disaster recovery plan (DRP) it should be fully tested, otherwise there’s a risk that it won’t work at a critical time. Nexus have helped hundreds of customers to validate and test their plans, even if it’s just to check that backup or replication services are working correctly and that data can be restored!

We can ensure that all of the key elements and documentation for your business continuity strategy would actually enable your organisation to continue to operate with the minimum of disruption.

24/7 IT Support for Critical Systems

Nexus offers a comprehensive range of post-sales IT support and maintenance and managed IT services to protect your critical systems 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.