Audio Visual Technologies for Business

Nexus supply bespoke audio visual (AV) solutions that can seamlessly integrate audio, video, conferencing, lighting, displays, digital signage and environmental control systems to create high quality business environments, boardrooms, conference facilities, auditoriums or training rooms.

We are authorised to supply and install leading AV equipment in all sectors and have a proven track record of providing project management and IT services to support your plans.

Our team will work with you to select the best AV technology for your project. We can assist with the entire process, from the design and planning stage right through to installation and after-care support.

Video Conferencing & Microsoft Lync

The recent explosion in video communication has spawned a multitude of video conferencing products that enable small to medium-sized businesses, academic institutions and large global organisations to remain competitive by minimising business travel and reducing costs.

Nexus is a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner with extensive experience of the deployment and support of unified communications systems for business.

Microsoft Lync brings together hardware and software that is optimised for video conferencing. High definition displays combined with HD video cameras, wideband audio and touch controlled meeting consoles create an immersive communication experience.

Visit our online shop LyncStore to see the most comprehensive range of devices qualified for use with Microsoft Lync.

We are also specialist video conferencing integrators and are authorised to install and configure equipment for many other leading vendors – from video endpoints to IP CCTV systems and network infrastructure.

Audio Conferencing

Free or low cost single-point and multi-point audio conferencing is now available to organisations of all sizes. Nexus are a leading provider of audio conferencing hardware and software. We can help you to produce natural working environments for effective and efficient personal and group communication.

Our products will enhance collaboration, improve presentations and reduce costs. Whether your requirement is for an on-demand, automated, operator-handled or a global audio conferencing solution, our comprehensive portfolio can be tailored to meet your organisation’s exact needs.

Boardrooms, Meeting & Training Rooms

Take your meetings or training facilities to another level. Our boardroom, meeting and training room design team can help you to make presentations more engaging for your audience. We offer a wide range of AV systems that incorporate the best in audio delivery and digital projection, flat panel screen and interactive whiteboard technology, with integrated management systems to control AV and other applications at the touch of a button.

We work with custom joinery and office furniture vendors to develop bespoke AV solutions that can include tables, cabinets and lecterns that encase and protect your lighting, video, audio and conferencing equipment.

Displays & Projectors

The latest generation of display technologies have enabled exceptional colour, clarity and breath taking image quality to be delivered at low cost. Whether you require a desktop flat screen, plasma TV, digital projector or large format video wall for data monitoring or for a control room environment, our AV experts can advise you on the most appropriate equipment.

Interactive Displays

The education sector were early adopters of interactive AV technologies, however an increasing amount of organisations are now utilising interactive display products to transform the delivery of training, communication and collaboration systems.

Whiteboards, touchscreens and monitors use overlay technology that allow users to interact with onscreen content, share information and collaborate as a group. Nexus can help integrate interactive technology into large displays, video conferencing and most other AV solutions.

Auditorium & PA Systems

Auditoriums, lecture theatres or large venues are typically used for many different types of events. The AV systems for these environments often need to be custom designed to meet numerous technical considerations.

At Nexus we have the expertise to bring together audio and video public address technology for the academic and corporate sectors. We can provide large scale AV solutions that are tailored to meet your exact needs.

Cabling & Distribution

Nexus have over 15 years' experience of supplying structured cabling, systems design and network infrastructure to organisations that wish to integrate their computer network with their AV systems, buildings and business environments.

Effective cabling distribution and wireless networking plays an important role in our AV solutions as these technologies must be high-performing, robust and resilient to avoid a degradation or disruption to service.

Building Access & IP CCTV

We provide simple, clear and intuitive door entry, building access and security solutions that can be controlled wirelessly or by touch. Building access and IP CCTV systems can simplify the operation and management of the audio, video, lighting, security and other technology that you have deployed in your campus.

You can open doors, close blinds, dim lighting, manage ventilation and record or monitor audio and video feeds. Our experts can work directly with vendors to help tailor a building control and security system to meet your particular needs.

Lighting Control Systems

In addition to fully integrated building control systems, we also offer a range of intelligent network-based lighting systems. Nexus install and support lighting control solutions that allow various system inputs and outputs to be managed on one or more central server or workstation. These systems incorporate a number of energy-saving features that will help lower your organisations running costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

IP TV for Business

You can use IP TV to stream live or recorded TV and video across an office, building or campus network. Broadcast-quality video and audio content can be managed and distributed to potentially any display, whether it is a TV, projector, video wall, digital sign or PC user.

Nexus can help you to deliver your message instantly to a wide audience, increasing the reach and availability of information. We have helped many different organisations to broadcast TV channels, multi-cast corporate announcements, deliver online training or provide content to digital display systems.

Digital Signage

Digital signage incorporates the best of AV technology to create dynamic, engaging and flexible ways of communicating to your customers, clients or employees. Digital signs from Nexus allow you to broadcast content to display devices over wired and wireless LAN and WAN based architectures.

If you combine scheduling software and other AV components, your digital content can be delivered to any screen or projection system, allowing messages, promotions or advertisements to be changed remotely or periodically.

Installation & Support

Nexus offers a comprehensive audio-visual installation and configuration service from concept, design, deployment and testing to handover and training. You can rest assured that we can help you at every stage of your AV project.

We supply a number of post-sales support and maintenance and managed IT services to protect your investment.