IT Systems Design

To ensure that our customers maximise the benefits from their IT investments, we use our multi-discipline technology skills to help design customised computer network infrastructures, unified communication systems, cloud computing platforms, bespoke software, websites and many other IT solutions for business.

Our team of experts can help organisations of all sizes to make sense of converging technologies and design innovative IT systems and IT strategies that encompass all aspects of business computing.

When you work with Nexus we always aim to design and deliver IT systems with the future in mind, so that you gain a prolonged life expectancy for your investment and the minimum amount of support or management overhead.

Starting with the very core of your structured cabling, computer systems or network infrastructure, we surpass expectations by utilising industry-standard technology from our strategic partners. We can create IT systems that are tailored to operational and budgetary requirements.

Our full-range portfolio of IT services includes IT training, software and website development. These skills give Nexus the ability to combine different technologies and delivery methods to achieve unique and effective results for customers.

We have over fifteen years' experience of delivering IT support and maintenance services to thousands of organisations in the UK. Our highly-qualified IT consultants, engineers, developers, training instructors and pre-sales experts understand how effective IT systems design can improve the way an organisation works and operates.

We offer consultancy and analysis, audit and health checks and project management services to ensure that every IT solution that we design meets your objectives. Our team can help you to select the right products, technologies and technical labour resources to plan and develop your IT systems, or you can employ our managed IT services and we will take care of the entire process.