IT Systems Relocation & Office Move Logistics

Is your organisation moving to a new office or building?

Relocating business systems, IT equipment and resources can present new and unexpected challenges. Nexus offer a complete IT and communication systems relocation planning and implementation service. Since 1998, we have helped hundreds of customers to move premises or expand their existing office environments.

Whether you are moving a handful of computer systems to the office next door, or your entire network infrastructure and unified communication platform to a new data centre or cloud computing provider located in another country, our team have the expertise to make the transition as seamless as possible.

We can supply IT consultancy and analysis or develop a systems design for the new environment and help you to determine your exact logistical requirements and timetable.

Our project management team create comprehensive project plans that contain a breakdown of all of the preparation, groundwork, labour resources and tasks that need to be delivered at each stage. We will provide risk analysis and include contingencies to reduce the potential of project overrun or disruption to your IT services.

As part of the office move or relocation process we can conduct an audit and health check of your IT equipment and systems and even deliver bespoke IT training for end users and technical personnel to ensure a painless transition.

We can help you to prepare the destination building or location to receive your IT systems. This may require advanced planning to order and install telephone points, structured cabling, power outlets, internet access and other vital IT resources.

The office moves and logistics services we supply suit projects of all sizes and we are extremely flexible. We can work with you to either plan, provide assistance or take care of the whole project.

Nexus IT support and maintenance services can be booked outside of normal office hours to ensure the minimum of interference to your day-to-day operation. We can be there on the first day in your new building to provide onsite systems migration support to help technical personnel and end users to acclimatise to the new location and test that your IT and communication systems operate as expected.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we have supplied organisations of all sizes with the resources that they needed to reduce the impact of an office move or IT systems relocation project and hear feedback directly from our satisfied customers.