Complaints Procedure

Something Not Right?

Here's how to complain or provide feedback.

It's our chance to put it right and improve for the future.

We recognise that we’re not perfect and that occasionally things may to go wrong. We want to address any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and have a process in place to resolve the problem and prevent it from happening again.

​If you’re not happy with something, please call or email your account manager to discuss it in the first instance. Let them know if you’d like to formalise the matter as a tracked complaint (note that we may choose to make a log of your comments even if you don’t formalise the complaint).

Alternatively, email or call the main switchboard on 01392 205095 and ask for a manager to record a complaint for you.

What we will do next will depend on what’s happened, however, the following process will apply:

  • We will discuss with you and agree what would amount to a satisfactory resolution of the issue.
  • We will give ownership of this resolution to a named person who has the authority to make it happen and who will work directly with you (or a person nominated by you) to create an action plan with agreeable timescales in order to reach a timely and satisfactory resolution.
  • They will be responsible for keeping you informed at all times (​first contact is normally within one business day, but it could be sooner or later depending on the agreed urgency).
  • Another senior Nexus staff member, usually a named director or manager, will also be appointed to monitor the progress of your complaint through to completion. You may contact this person at any time if you are dissatisfied with how your complaint is being handled.
  • We will work with you until you are satisfied that the matter is resolved. We may also set up ongoing monitoring if necessary.
  • We review all complaint data internally to help us improve our business processes and customer service and to prevent the same problems from recurring in the future.

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