Microsoft Teams is the communications solution designed to resolve modern business communication challenges. The software empowers workforces to effectively connect, streamline work processes and maximise productivity via a shared workspace.

Effective communication can be a challenge for workforces of all shapes and sizes. Especially since modern workforces are not limited to one location, or even time zone, it is essential that workers can always communicate and collaborate productively.


Using powerful Artificial Intelligence and cloud technology, Microsoft Teams enables users to instant message, video chat, share files and join meetings. You can integrate Office 365 and other business apps for a solution tailored to your needs.

In the Teams hub, you can set up a group which allows workers to quickly and easily message, share and collaborate on files and projects in real-time. Creating a group will automatically set up SharePoint Online and Exchange Online for easy access to Office files. This allows workers to locate and edit files securely from any location. Teams also supports meeting and calling functionality for a robust communication solution.

Flexible communication

Many businesses now operate with flexible and remote teams. Workers still need to communicate clearly, whenever and from wherever. In Teams, workers can engage effortlessly in threaded group chats as well as one-to-one conversations for quick and convenient communication.

Increase productivity

In Teams the conversation is always ongoing. Seamless communication supports staff to work together quickly and maximise productivity. Users can work on multiple projects at once for enhanced efficiency.

Everyone is on the same page

Whether you have an intimate team or a large-scale workforce, it is still easy for things to become lost in translation. Microsoft’s collaboration software is perfect for businesses of all sizes and ensures that everyone is on the same page, in real-time.

Enable creativity

Through simplifying processes via one hub and making it easier for staff to share ideas and focus on the task in hand, creative thinking can flourish. Enable staff to extend their capabilities and help your business to grow.

Enterprise-grade security

Teams is equipped with superior enterprise-grade security and compliance as standard of any Microsoft software. Your business can take confidence knowing that advanced data encryption and multi-factor user authentication are in place to protect sensitive information.

Why choose Nexus for Microsoft Teams?

If you are looking to transform your workplace communications, we have the technical knowledge and insights to help you along every step of the Microsoft Teams journey.

As an accredited Gold Microsoft Partner, we have extensive expertise in planning, deploying and supporting Teams.  Our technicians are highly skilled in delivering Microsoft technologies and helping customers to capitalise on Teams. We work to understand your business requirements and implement the custom solutions which will achieve your goals.

Our team excel in delivering value-led consultancy and training so that your business and staff can benefit from Teams straight away. Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that the Nexus team is on hand for all your needs.


Transform your workplace with Nexus

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