Greendale Group – Managed IT Services and IT Upgrades

The requirement

Greendale sought an experienced managed services provider who could carry out a complete upgrade to the company’s outdated IT systems and deliver ongoing maintenance support for seamless operations.

Greendale’s successful growth in recent years had led the company to outgrow the IT server which it had been using. Greendale required a more powerful server which was fit for capacity, especially since its original hardware had reached the end of its lifetime. In addition, the company had been using legacy Microsoft software which meant a mailbox migration was due to the latest Office 365. Greendale was also keen to implement a background solution and update monitoring programme for proactive support. Finally, the company required a speedy new Wi-Fi system to replace its slow-running internet.

Greendale’s original IT provider was no longer able to deliver the level of assistance and support required. Nexus’s team of experienced engineers and reputation for excellence made them the clear choice for Greendale to carry out the server replacement, software migration and Wi-Fi upgrade.

The solution

Nexus carefully planned the server exchange and mailbox migration to ensure a timely installation with no disruption or downtime for Greendale staff. Nexus replaced the onsite server with a cloud-based, GDPR-compliant system for greater flexibility and security. The team successfully migrated the Exchange mailbox to Office 365, carrying out the necessary changes on employees’ PCs including installing monitoring agents, migrating emails and updating Outlook settings, for maximum ease. Nexus upgraded the company Wi-Fi, sourcing the most effective Wi-Fi Access Points in the building to ensure high-speed connectivity.

Nexus completed this work after hours when necessary, so as not to disrupt the working day. Training was also provided for Greendale’s Payroll and Operations Manager, Marcel, to ensure he was fully equipped to manage the new systems. Grappling with the company’s legacy IT solutions and poor internet connectivity was a challenge initially, but nevertheless the server replacement, software migration and Wi-Fi installation was all successfully completed in a matter of days.

The benefits

Nexus seamlessly migrated Greendale’s onsite server and software to an advanced, Microsoft 365  cloud-based solution without any interruption to Greendale’s core operations. The new server has enhanced performance and offers greater back-up security and scalability, in-line with the needs of the business. Crucial software such as Greendale’s payroll and property database were all transferred without loss of data or any disturbance. Staff now benefit from the upgraded Office 365 mailbox, which offers a superior User Experience, as well as new software such as Teams and SharePoint which will over the long term improve communication and collaboration. The background monitoring solutions provide a reliable support system for Greendale’s IT. Finally, the advanced Wi-Fi has resolved internet delay issues, helping the team to work more productively.

Marcel Lecoq, Payroll and Operations Manager at Greendale, said,

“Nexus Open Systems has an impressive reputation as a Managed Services provider and was recommended to us for our server hardware, software migrations and Wi-Fi upgrade. We can attest to the exceptional service from Nexus, their knowledge of Office 365 is outstanding and they implemented the new IT solutions with great expertise and efficiency at competitive prices.”

“Nexus was meticulous in the transferring of information to ensure all our data was protected and the new server and mailbox are more robust and responsive, which has enhanced our business operations. Their training is excellent and it is reassuring to know that IT support is just a call away, giving me peace-of-mind that our IT systems are in capable hands.”

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