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The Client

Cardo Group is a leading property maintenance and retrofitting contractor, dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions and exceptional property services. Their customers are local authorities and social housing landlords. With a mission to enhance the quality of living for communities, Cardo Group continuously seeks opportunities to expand and improve their operations.

Card contractors in hard hats

Their recent acquisition of Osborne Property Services Limited (OPSL) represented significant growth, also necessitating a seamless integration of systems and data.

Working with Nexus

To navigate the complexities of their recent acquisition and ensure a smooth data migration, Cardo Group partnered with Nexus. We are an established IT provider, known for our expertise in handling large-scale data migrations and IT integrations. This collaboration aimed to leverage our technical proficiency and strategic planning capabilities to achieve a successful transition.

Merging IT Systems: The Challenge

The acquisition of OPSL required a comprehensive overhaul of Cardo Group’s IT infrastructure, involving the integration of various systems and the migration of substantial data.

Key challenges included:

  • Complex System Transfer: Integrating OPSL’s systems, such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, into Cardo Group’s infrastructure.
  • Data Mapping Exercise: Restructuring data across 60 Teams/SharePoint sites while maintaining security permissions and archive integrity.
  • SaaS Platform Migration: Developing migration plans for user accounts across multiple SaaS platforms.
  • Shared Services Identification: Determining which assets could be shared between the acquired and existing businesses to optimise efficiency.
  • Evolving Workforce Management: Managing transitions for 300 users, including new starters and leavers.
  • Minimising Downtime: Ensuring uninterrupted service and business continuity.
  • Cross-Departmental Coordination: Aligning migration timelines with other departmental activities such as a marketing rebrand and updating vehicle livery.

The Solution

Our highly technical project and engineering team at Nexus led the project, working closely with key stakeholders within Cardo Goup to address these challenges systematically:

Upfront Planning

We initiated the project with exploratory workshops and strategic discussions, aligning the integration process with Cardo Group’s long-term goals. This thorough initial planning ensured that the project met broader business strategies.

Expert Tech Partnerships

Our extensive experience in managing large-scale data migrations proved invaluable. We ran detailed scoping exercises and comprehensive discovery phases to identify potential risks and complexities early on, laying the groundwork for effective planning and execution.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

We designed a robust multi-tenant environment to support Cardo Group’s evolving needs. This infrastructure accommodated future growth, ensuring scalability and adaptability.

Regular Communication

Weekly progress meetings facilitated transparent and consistent communication, enabling real-time problem-solving and decision-making. Workshops to propose changes to business systems provided opportunities to identify undocumented processes and ensure necessary functionality.

Cardo Group Employee at Work

Leveraging Technology

We used several key tools and techniques to streamline the project for Cardo Group:

  • Data Migration Tools: Sharegate and BitTitan ensured seamless data transfer while maintaining security permissions and archives.
  • Device Management: Microsoft Intune and Autopilot facilitated smooth reconfiguration of devices.
  • Security: Implementing Microsoft Defender and a managed SOC, along with cloud-based backup solutions, provided robust protection against cyber threats.
  • Infrastructure: A new Azure infrastructure established a scalable IT environment, supporting future acquisitions and growth.
  • Agile Project Management: Ensuring continuous operations during the project, managing new contracts, tenders, and forming new departments without compromising core objectives.

Minimising Downtime

Our number one goal was to ensure downtime was kept to an absolute minimum, so we implemented the following proactive measures to achieve this:

  • Detailed Strategy and Planning: Accurate estimation and thorough planning minimised disruptions.
  • Proof-of-Concept Phase: A trial run with a small data sample allowed for feedback and adjustments before the full migration.
  • Synchronisation Phase: Pre-go live data synchronisation reduced the amount of data transfer needed during the final cutover.
  • 3rd Party Management: Coordinating with network providers and managed print services ensured alignment with project goals, minimising delays.


“Working closely with Nexus, we were thoroughly impressed by the meticulous scoping and attention to detail they brought to this project. Their expertise within the Nexus team shone through every aspect, ensuring a seamless integration that met our strategic objectives while keeping our operations running smoothly. This project highlighted the importance of agility and foresight, enabling us to adapt to unexpected challenges and confidently plan for the future. The lessons learned will continue to guide us as we leverage this experience with future acquisitions, exploit new technology, and innovate our business.”

Ben Marsden, Cardo Group CIO
Ben Marsden

As Cardo Group’s long-term technology partner, we now work with them to provide day-to-day IT support and strategically, to support their business plans for future growth through further acquisitions.

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