Nexus Culture

Our Core Values

Working at Nexus isn’t just a job, it’s a way of doing things.

Our ‘core values’ are what we think are important. If we do it right, our customers recognise and appreciate these traits in us as well.

Managed IT Support

We are expert

We’re passionate about technology and proficient in our field of expertise whether technical, sales, sales support or admin.

IT team support

We are dependable

By being consistent, reliable and accountable, we each earn the trust of our peers and customers.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

We are supportive

We’re there for each other and our clients, providing encouragement, working collaboratively, giving the best customer service.

Happy Staff, Happy Clients

It’s important to us for our staff to want to come and work for us and want to stay.

This is no overnight change – this is the result of long-term and continuing policy around making Nexus a desirable workplace.

For our customers, this means consistency and a better class of relationship.

We are always learning – we encourage personal development to fulfil everyone’s potential, growing with Nexus.

We are family-friendly – balancing home and work can be tricky; we provide opportunities to fit family and work together.

We care for our community – our responsibility to the world around us is paramount; we give our time to charities to help give others a chance and our planet a future.

Having Fun and Giving Back

As an example of our staff activities, three keen cyclists embarked on a challenge to cycle from our Exeter office to Land’s End: 150 miles over two days.

They made it, and raised money for Hospiscare at the same time.

 Each staff member does on average a day of fundraising or CSR activity per year, in paid time.

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