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Managed IT Services Might Just Be the IT Department's New Best Friend

by Aimee Green

The words IT outsourcing or managed IT services often create fear and panic within IT departments. It doesn’t have to be this way; managed IT services might just be the IT department's new best friend. 

There are several misconceptions around what most consider as a traditional IT managed service. Especially in smaller businesses, the introduction of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can be taken to mean that IT staff who don’t necessarily have the level of skill or experience could be surplus to requirement. However, this doesn’t apply to all businesses or scenarios.  

In many situations, an outsourced team is there to allow the IT department to focus on the everyday support needs and internal IT project deployment. Particularly in larger organisations with existing in-house IT departments, outsourcing will be a complimentary service to your team. 

Nexus provides a highly qualified, 3rd line support safety net for your in-house engineers while also taking care of the day-to-day maintenance of your environment. This can have a huge positive impact not only on the happiness of IT teams but also on business growth and productivity.  

This is a complimentary solution for existing IT departments and isn’t designed to replace existing IT staff. The MSPs engineers work in partnership with your in-house team allowing them the breathing space to focus on what’s important, even providing holiday and sickness cover for your engineers when needed. These services are designed to reduce the burden internal IT teams face, allowing them to focus on helping the organisation grow. 

We already have an in-house IT team why would we outsource? Are they no longer needed? 

Your in-house team is absolutely needed. Since managed IT services can automate many of the mundane and time-consuming tasks carried out by internal IT staff, this is sometimes seen as a suggestion that the in-house team is no longer needed. However, this isn’t the case and couldn’t be further from the truth. In-house teams can leverage all the benefits which come with managed IT services. Think of it as an extension of your team. We work alongside your IT management to provide expertise, advice and help manage onerous IT tasks to free up your employees’ valuable time. Staff are happier and less overwhelmed with the daily tasks which can be monotonous and a poor use of skills, leaving them time to work on projects which help drive your business and promote growth. 



It’s about getting more from your IT team and making things simpler 

Many of the daily and never-ending mundane tasks performed by internal IT support staff which consume much of their workday are perfect for automation. This empowers staff to work on more meaningful projects and expand their roles. 

Your current IT team can leverage many of the benefits that a MSP offers, such as: 

24/7 Rapid response & resolution of incidents 

Automating common and repetitive tasks coupled with 24/7 proactive remote monitoring and management software (RMM) means that problems are often fixed or resolved before you knew they were happening leading to less downtime. 

Your systems may need to run 24/7 but the reality is you may not have the resources for 24/7 IT staff to make this possible. RMM solutions alleviate the need for constant staff cover. 

Extending the capabilities of your IT team 

Working with an MSP helps to extend the skills and knowledge of your IT team. By leveraging highly trained and accredited engineers who come with industry experience and specialist skills, issues and projects can be resolved quickly without the time and costs associated with training and certification on areas which are often niche or seldom utilised. Let the MSP absorb the costs of employing and training engineers with specialist skills sets. 

3rd Line Service Desk Support 

Taking advantage of an MSPs expert technical IT engineers can be more cost effective than expanding your internal team with 3rd line engineers. As a result, you can attend to core business objectives rather than dealing with complex IT infrastructure issues.

Holiday & Sickness Cover  

Staff holiday and illness often go together with downtime and lack of staff resources. Working with an MSP who delivers complimentary or hybrid managed IT services enables seamless continuation of services. They provide the skilled engineers to step in and temporarily assist as part of the internal team. 

Guided focus and help to define your IT roadmap and strategy 

Working with an MSP can help give in-house IT teams useful focus and direction. MSPs often offer or require a network assessment which maps and evaluates the performance and health of your IT infrastructure. This highlights any issues and identifies key areas such as capacity which should be considered in future planning. These assessments help the MSP to recommend products and services which will be beneficial to your business’s needs. An evaluation process helps in-house IT to determine what system oversights and future planning they should be focusing on based on their critical level. Regular systems maintenance and support tasks can be carried out by the MSP, leaving internal staff to concentrate on projects and processes which help to drive efficiencies, cost reductions and increase revenue. 

Reduced instances of failure and human error 

Human error accounts for a high percentage of security breaches, often because IT employees are overwhelmed and stretched too thin. This increases the chances of staff overlooking vital security measures, not applying tested security patches in a timely fashion or ensuring endpoint anti-virus software is up to date and functioning. Partnering with an MSP helps to alleviate the work overload internal staff suffer from which can lead to system or security vulnerabilities. Comprehensive and proven BCDR solutions which include cloud backup enable immediate full system restores as needed. Let the MSP take the responsibility for the availability and security of data from the IT team to ensure everything runs smoothly. 



Your skilled IT team could be a valuable resource to your business, but they’re probably bogged down with firefighting and repetitive day-to-day tasks below their skill-level. 

A good MSP will work closely with you and act as an extension of your business. The steps to partner with an MSP should be taken sensitively as it may be considered a threat to job security by internal IT staff. Businesses need to work with staff to help them understand that embracing cloud technology and utilising service desk and RMM tools provided by an MSP will make their jobs easier and less stressful. Releasing them from laborious, intensive manual tasks allows them to spend time on projects that will benefit the business and make a difference to the bottom line. 

How can we help? 

We work with best in breed solutions which range from the backup of your core data and Microsoft 365, to anti-virus protection, dark web threat monitoring and anti-spam protection.  

We’ll conduct an extensive audit of your environment, using industry leading interrogation services in conjunction with the experience and knowledge of our 3rd line technical consultants. The audit will highlight your entire environment and detail all services and devices currently in use. We'll help prioritise the risks we’ve identified and recommend suitable remedial action. These results will feed into your long-term IT strategy. 

Our support packages offer a range of complementary IT support services designed to give you extra assistance when you need it. Let us remove the burden of day-to-day management of your IT Systems. Free up your valuable internal teams so they can focus on strategies to help your business grow.

Guardian for IT Pro’s 

This is a reactive service; we install monitoring agents onto your infrastructure and send you the notifications when an alert is triggered. We act as third line support for your IT team. If your own IT are struggling to fix an infrastructure issue, then they can pass this over to Nexus to investigate. Your staff will no longer spend hours looking for a fix to complex issues; let the Nexus engineers pick this up instead.  

Guardian for Business 

This is an infrastructure-based Managed Service. Nexus will own the maintenance and performance of your infrastructure. Monitoring agents will be installed across your infrastructure and Nexus will work to resolve any alerts as they are triggered, mitigating any disruption to the day-to-day business. We’ll ensure that your data is securely backed up and ready to be restored in the event of a problem. Nexus will provide third line support should your engineers need assistance with more complex problems. 

Both these models mean that we’ll work with you to help you focus on the strategic IT goals of your business. Our consultants are at the cutting edge of technology and will help recommend how best to achieve your objectives.