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COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

by Chris Wilson

Last update: 13th January 2020

We have contingency plans in place to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Here is our current advice to customers. Given the latest advice form the government, we are maintaining 'business as usual' with our successful programme of largely working from home.

Training Delegates

We are running remotely-delivered courses. Our Exeter classrooms are closed until further notice.

We are now offering courses that are run on an 'attend from anywhere' basis. These are scheduled courses with live trainers allowing questions and feedback. Please contact us with your requirements for technical and business skills training. We'll work to match you up with a provider with a remote delivery mechanism. You can also search our online catalogue.


Sorry, we are no longer hosting examinations in our training centre.

Nexus Seminars

All seminars are now run as webinars or bitesize videos.

Check our events page and news pages for latest listings of free educational content, covering Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, telephony/communications, SharePoint and more.

IT Projects

Today, our projects team are remote working, but otherwise operating normally.

We are busy with client work. We will conduct as much project work as possible on a remote basis. We will discuss with you the impact and mitigation on a case-by-case basis. Project meetings can still be conducted using phone conferencing or video conferencing.

Where visits to your site are essential, we have a safety policy for our staff and will comply with all your own reasonable safety policies.

IT Support Services

Today, the Nexus support operation is fully-resourced.

Our helpdesk daily ticket count is at elevated levels. All our front line support staff are remote-working. It's still easy to get in touch, our usual phone numbers and email addresses will work as normal. Support services will be delivered in full. (See how below.)

Account review meetings can still be conducted using phone conferencing or video conferencing.

IT Equipment Supply

Today, our procurement supply chain is operating, but with some shortages.

Laptops, printers and headsets are in short supply. We have good relationships with the wholesale distributors we use, so contact us for availability information on goods.

Couriers are avoiding person-to-person contact on delivery.

RESPONSE AND policy statementS for our customers

  • The management exec team and the HR officer track the latest COVID-19 information, agree procedures, and implement them. We have a specific COVID-19 management plan and a COVID-19 extended homeworking plan, which receive regular updates.
  • The risk of staff illness and contagion is mitigated by increased hygiene whilst in the office (and through isolation when we’re not), a flexible team, and our live overview of our prioritised workload.
  • We had already mitigated our dependence on attending the office by using primarily cloud-based systems. We have completed and implemented a plan which allows up to 100% of our staff to work remotely from the office. The majority are currently doing so. We have business continuity across our operations from sales to service delivery to accounting. We are performing near-normal service for routine remote support and remote project work.
  • Our office-based systems are connected to the outside via multiple independent internet connections.
  • All our usual contact methods apply seamlessly to remote workers. We can host internal and client web conferences using Microsoft Teams.
  • The isolating effects of remote working are mitigated through text, voice and video communication through Microsoft Teams, and file collaboration with SharePoint.
  • When remote working, for security we use single sign-on with two-factor authentication for the majority of our cloud applications. We use device management systems which mandate minimum security requirements for signed-in computers, such as encrypted operating system drives. We use further profiling, filtering and tracking tools to proactively mitigate various cyber-security risks.
  • Because person-to-person contact is restricted by government disease control policy, site visits to clients may be stopped or require special measures. So, on-site support and on-site project is subject to certain limits beyond our control.
  • If the spread of the virus is too fast, there may be a period when a significant part of our workforce is ill simultaneously. When our staff do attend our office, we use bubble separation to minimise the chances of a whole team/department becoming ill at the same time.
  • Our ticketing system gives each support request a priority, and so our resources will be directed to the most critical tickets first. Multiple subject-expert staff would have to be ill simultaneously in order to seriously limit our capability to resolve a specialised support ticket. We hope this situation doesn’t arise, but would consider it a force majeure event.

If you have further specific questions, please ask your account manager.