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Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA).

SharePoint Upgrade

SEA is an independent system engineering and software company providing services to Government agencies, industrial prime contractors and academic institutions. The company, which was founded in 1969, prides itself on quality of service, innovation, flexibility and taking a creative approach to problem solving. The company has offices in Beckington, Bristol, Barnstaple, Aberdeen, Malaysia and Canada and employs around 300 people. SEA was acquired by Cohort plc in 2007. Cohort plc is the parent company of four businesses operating in defence and related markets including MASS, SEA, EID and MCL.

The Requirement

It was identified that Bath and Barnstaple based SEA staff were working with a number of legacy IT systems that hindered work processes. The company needed to maintain its Cyber Essentials Plus certification and this required a significant upgrade of SharePoint from the 2007 to 2016 version. The company also identified a need to migrate a substantial volume of historical and current data storage files as part of the project. Having previously worked with Nexus Open Systems on other IT projects, SEA based its decision to choose Nexus for the project on its positive experience, competitive pricing and great reputation. Being based in Exeter, the company also offered SEA the opportunity to use a local provider.

The Solution

The project began with an initial discovery day where the Nexus team assessed the scope and volume of work required. It became evident early in the discovery session that this was set to be a very complex and demanding project, however Nexus was equipped to rise to the challenge. Nexus quickly identified that SEA was holding an enormous volume of outdated and in some cases, irrelevant legacy data that should be removed rather than migrated. This offered SEA an opportunity to clean up its data ensuring only relevant and compliant data would be stored. Nexus first installed the new version of SharePoint and then began to sort and migrate data. Although a very complex and challenging project, Nexus delivered on time and on budget. Nexus not only ensured a smooth process for users but also followed up the project with detailed and supportive aftercare including training of the inhouse IT team on the new systems.

The Benefits

The update to SharePoint 2016 allowed SEA to maintain its Cyber Essentials Plus certification – one of the main drivers for the project. The overall project also provided SEA with a full restructure of its IT systems and processes and the opportunity to clean up its data. Staff at SEA have reported overwhelmingly positive feedback of both the results of the project and the process and handling by the Nexus team. The workforce now uses a clean modern interface which enhances usability. This in turn has helped to simplify processes offering greater automation to support users. The increased support and enhanced user interface have also resulted in greater user buy in which was a real problem with the old system. In addition to delivery of the project, Nexus also provided administrative training for the in-house IT department and ongoing after sales support and on call services.

I honestly cannot recommend Nexus Open Systems enough following this project.
We knew from the beginning that the sorting and migration of data along with the leap from SharePoint 2007 to 2016 was going to present a huge challenge but Nexus completed the work seamlessly, on time, on budget and with minimum disruption to users
We were extremely impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the Nexus team in regard to SharePoint but also the sheer depth and breadth of their general IT knowledge. The team provided excellent training and their aftercare is second-to-none, with experts always available to log into the network for remote support and to offer advice over the phone if needed. Our users have benefited more than we could have imagined and we are delighted with the results.

- Robin Smith, IT Manager

Client: Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA)
Industry: Manufacturing and Defence
Year: 2018

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