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JC Analytical.

IT infrastructure refresh & Managed services

Established in 2003, JC Analytical provides contract analytical laboratory services and products to a wide range of clients, including the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and research organisations. JC Analytical scientists are highly experienced in compliant physical, chemical, microbiological, stability storage testing and reporting services as well as method development and validation.


The requirement

In 2018 JC Analytical was acquired by new business owners. During this process it became clear that the company’s outdated IT infrastructure was in vital need of a refresh. Implementing more robust hardware and software and improving the online data storage to give access to certain clients was a key priority for the business going forward, and JC Analytical sought an experienced managed services provider to carry out the project. JC Analytical was impressed by Nexus’ online recommendations and Microsoft Gold Partner certification and subsequently engaged Nexus for its Managed Services solution and technical refresh.

The solution

The Nexus engineers began with an audit of the company’s IT systems, determining that the high security risk posed by the legacy hardware required a full server hardware replacement. In addition, the team would install new support drivers, Wi-Fi and software with the latest security measures. Since the company’s operating systems were almost 14 years old, careful planning was required to ensure a seamless transfer to the new infrastructure. After agreeing the strategy and number of system users with JC Analytical, Nexus set to work on the technical refresh. Nexus’ Technical Analyst Charlie was on-site to pre-empt any issues and ensure the successful systems replacement.

The results

The technical refresh immediately improved the speed and reliability of JC Analytical’s IT, freeing up the company to focus on their day-to-day operations. The new robust hardware and software also provide state-of-the-art security for JC Analytical’s data which is essential for a business which generates a lot of numbers.


Neil Donovan, Director at JC Analytical, said:

“As a growing business without an in-house IT team, having Nexus as our managed services provider is a valuable addition. It provides us with the technical expertise we need while allowing us to stay agile. Nexus’ strategic planning and execution ensured the infrastructure replacement was a success. The technicians take care of the systems in the background so we know our information is safe and secure. Nexus know what they are doing and we would definitely recommend them to others.”

Client: JC Analytical
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Year: 2019

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