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Managed IT services

As a business which provides 24/7 customer support, having secure and reliable IT systems is key to ITDN’s operations. ITDN was in the process of engaging Nexus Open Systems as its managed IT services provider when a serious malware attack struck, wiping all of ITDN’s data and leaving them in a vulnerable state.


Independent Tyre Distributors Network (ITDN) is a 24-hour nationwide tyre breakdown service providing exceptional support through its network of independent tyre dealers. ITDN specialise in efficient and professional service; in 2018 the ITDN call centre assisted with over 117,000 tyre breakdowns across the UK and its dedicated call centre staff answered all incoming calls in an average time of just 11 seconds. 


The requirement

 As a business which provides 24/7 customer support, having secure and reliable IT systems is key to ITDN’s operations. ITDN was in the process of engaging Nexus Open Systems as its managed IT services provider when a serious malware attack struck, wiping all of ITDN’s data and leaving them in a vulnerable state. ITDN did not have the technical expertise in-house to handle the problem and sought Nexus for urgent disaster recovery support and technology refresh. Nexus made the recommendation to implement its comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution for an IT update and to safeguard systems from another cyber-attack.  


The solution

Time was of the essence for this project and Nexus quickly set to work implementing the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution. Despite the complex nature of the task, the technicians worked through evenings and weekends to quickly recover and restore ITDN’s systems where possible, minimising downtime for staff and customers. The team conducted a complete technology refresh and replaced the weaker legacy servers with up-to-date systems, powered by the latest VMware and utilising sophisticated anti-virus and anti-malware. The new infrastructure is equipped with robust backup solutions to protect ITDN’s data as well as continual monitoring for a proactive security approach.  



The benefits

Nexus successfully restored ITDN’s systems in record time so that the company could resume operations as usual. The updated technology is equipped with advanced cyber security and backup solutions for superior security and data protection. Nexus’ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery provides round-the-clock monitoring of ITDN’s systems to prevent data loss before it can occur, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations. Following the IT recovery, Nexus began working as ITDN’s managed IT services provider equipped with the business insight to deliver exceptional support.  


Jamie Mortimer, Support Engineer at ITDN, said, 

“ The malware attack left our IT in a critical situation and it is fair to say that Nexus saved the day. We were in the process of partnering with Nexus so we were confident that they had the technical experience to recover our systems. The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution was implemented quickly so the downtime was extremely minimal, which is especially important given the nature of our business.
"The team is highly knowledgeable and we now know from this experience the importance of keeping hardware up-to-date. Our new systems are more robust and it is great that Nexus is only a phone call away for support. We are really excited to be working with Nexus for our managed IT services.”




Client: ITDN
Industry: Tire industry
Year: 2019

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